You can't miss them! 3 YouTubers that talk about music

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These are the three Latin youtubers with good art content to follow this 2019

Estos tres YouTubers hablan de música y no te los puedes perder.

Thousands of people access YouTube to consume, produce their own content and share. Some of them have decided to dedicate their hours of content to music, then we tell them what YouTubers are talking about.

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Professor Rayado (Chile)

Raimundo Riquelme is a mathematics teacher at a school in Chile but he is also YouTuber. His channel is called Professor Rayado and to this day he has 8,305 subscribers. Within his content, we cannot only found Chilean music but also he does international music specials. He talks about different genres such as reggae, ska, and dub; he tells which are his favorite EPs and LPs of bands and artists from Chile and other countries; he comments the line-ups of some festivals such as Lollapalooza. He also does specials telling the beginnings of major festivals in Chile such as the Viña del Mar Festival. In an interview with the Chilean portal PicnicTV, he commented that the dynamic of the reviews has gone from being written to video because the second one is a more friendly format, he adds that YouTube is direct, as you can see the face of the person, and that it is possible to listen to their voice and see their expressions as added value to what is the review itself.



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Juan Antonio Carulla (Colombia)

He is a 20-year-old Youtuber born in Bogotá. Since 2016, he has a channel called "El Enemigo", which has 14,429 subscribers so far. As the Noisey portal tells, the name of his channel is in honor of the protagonist of Cameron Crow's film "Almost Famous". His channel is focused on reviews of the music scene of his country of origin, Colombia. He also talks about emerging and non-emerging artists of different genres such as: rap, alternative, rock, electronic and even reggaeton, as he did in his special " The Best Colombian Records of 2018" where he spoke of the renowned J Balvin and his album" Vibras", in addition to the review he made about it. His reviews are characterized by the impartiality of his comments in relation to the different genres he deals with. Within the content that can be found within your channel are:

-Specials of the most anticipated albums

-Reviews with special guests, such as Ignacio Mayorga of 120 decibels, Santiago Sambrano, among others.

-Information about new album releases

-Specials of discs and books, specifically the HAUL that he made after traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Among others.

A recommended channel for all those who want to know more about bands and emerging artists in Colombian music.


Alvinsch (Colombia)

This Colombian YouTuber is an interesting mixture of nationalities, he is the son of an American father, Colombian mother and German grandparents, according to the biography published by the FM portal, where they also affirm that since childhood he plays several instruments such as piano, guitar, harmonica, among others. Definitely, he grew up surrounded by a musical environment. Alvin Schutmaat is not only a professor of piano and music production at the Reformed University of Barranquilla, but he also has a YouTube channel called Alvinsch where to date 506,528 people are subscribed. In it, you can find varied content about the secret industry of K-pop, the genius of some bands, the analysis of music, among others.


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