Cultural Agenda: the artistic and cultural events that you can't miss

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Here we tell you the events that include Latin American artists that you can not miss

Cultural Agenda: the artistic and cultural events that you can not miss

Cuban season in Belgium

With a variety of artistic activities until February the 14th, the city of Brussels will have the privilege of knowing more about the Caribbean island of Cuba, an event that coincides with the 500th birthday of Havana and the 60th anniversary of the Revolution. According to the Cuban ambassador in Belgium Norma Goicochea to the EFE agency, currently, about 1,600 Cubans live in this country. The Embassy of Cuba organizes the event, and not only you can enjoy delicious Cuban cuisine and music, there will also be exhibitions of Cuban artists such as "Luna" by the painter Lancelot Alonso and "Adiós a las normas" by the photographer Eduardo Rawdríguez, which can be visited at the Halles Saint-Géry until the first of February. As for the cinema, on February the 14th will be screened the Cuban film "Vestido de Novia" of the year 2014 directed by actress, screenwriter, producer and Cuban director Marilyn Solaya. The activities will not only take place in Brussels, but others will also take place in the north of the country, in the city of Antwerp.

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XIV Biennial of Cuenca (Ecuador)

The fourteenth version of the Cuenca Biennial can be visited until next February 3. More than twenty artists from Latin America and other parts of the world are participating, including Juliana Vidal from Ecuador, who is the youngest artist of the competition at the age of 25 and the winner of the Paris Prize that will allow her to study in ' The Cité Internationale des Arts' in France. As the web portal of the Biennial exposes, it is also possible to visit special exhibitions such as "Readable - Visible, between the frame and the page," which will have a closing date on February 3 and includes works of a double character, that is, publication and audiovisual document. Another of those special exhibitions that also closes on February 3 is "Empires of the plural" curated by Jesús Fuenmayor who is also the general curator of the Biennial, this is a sample of the Foundation Collection for the Arts Cisneros Fontanals which is an of the largest collections of Latin American art in the world, it can be found works of Latin American artists such as:

Miguel Amat, Jorge Pedro Núñez and Antonieta Sosa from Venezuela

Antonio Caro from Colombia

Runo Lagomarsino, David Lamela and Amalia Pica from Argentina

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa of Guatemala

The Cuban artists Celia and Yunior, Javier Castro and Glexis Novoa

Eduardo Abaroa, Jorge Méndez Blake and Antonio Vega from Mexico

Manuela Ribadeneira from Ecuador

The Uruguayan Richard Garet and Marco Maggi

Elena Damiani, Sandra Nakamura and Daniela Ortiz from Peru

Marcius Galan and Alice Miceli from Brazil




Una publicación compartida de Bienal de Cuenca (@bienaldecuenca) el




Una publicación compartida de Bienal de Cuenca (@bienaldecuenca) el


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