What will happen to the transgender militaries in the United States?

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The Supreme Court of the United States made a decision regarding the recruitment of the transgender militaries, which represents a setback for that community

What will happen to the transgender militaries in the United States?

On January 22, 2019, the Supreme Court endorsed one of the flagship petitions of the current president of the Americans.

This decision is about the veto for transgender people who enter the army in that country. According to the BBC, the judicial body (5 votes against 4) decided to veto the future American military belonging to the community mentioned above.

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This same British newspaper explained one of the reasons that led the Supreme Court to make this decision: "The policy prohibits serving in the army to transgender people who require or have gone through a gender transition" because its incorporation could represent medical and psychological costs.

Previous rulings in this regard

When Donald Trump became the president of this North American country, he promised to ban transgender people for the reasons detailed above.

However, a few months later, and as the El Economista newspaper reported, the decision was beaten:

"Several sentences had invalidated the president's decision and transgender people began to enroll on January 1, 2018. However, in February, the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis proposed a modified version of the ban".

This media also reported that only people who were born with this biological condition, and who did not intend to change sex, could be able to provide military service.

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What will happen to the transgender people already enlisted in the army?

It is not yet clear what will happen to the transgender soldiers who are rendering their services to the Armed Forces of the United States. However, it is feared that they may be expelled due to the pressure of the Republicans, backed by court orders, such as that given by the Supreme Court.

According to the BBC: "Currently there are around 8,980 transgender soldiers on active duty, according to information from the Department of Defense analyzed by the nonprofit public policy organization, Palm Center".

On the other hand, groups in defense of minorities, and most of the Democratic senators denounced that this type of policies only increase the intolerance and hatred of some minorities, as the newspaper El Comercio explained.

So far, the discussion of what will happen to them remains open.


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