Control your home from you smartphone, and from afar

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Technology is constantly evolving, now it has reached the point where it is possible to handle almost all the appliances in your home from the distance

Control your home from you smartphone, and from afar

Controlling from the distance the temperature inside the house, laundry, cleaning the floor, entertainment, what is left in the refrigerator and even security is possible. The technological advances have allowed that through the "Internet of Things", electronic devices can be connected and in this way, manage them from the closest one, a Smartphone.

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Home automation is the name given to the technologies dedicated to automating a home, according to CEDOM, and is based on activating or deactivating the electronic devices of the house without having to be there, doing it from the telephone that sends "signals" to a main device that is responsible for owning all connections. There are companies like Samsung and Ozom that manufactures this kind of "brains", you only need a WiFi connection superior to 2mb of speed and that each device has access to the network, according to TyN Magazine.

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Everything that can be done

With this, you can open or lock the door of the house, thanks to smart locks like August, which according to its manufacturer allows you to open or close the door from an application on the smartphone. After entering the house, you can activate the preferred music on the speakers (of which there are different brands), also control the intensity or color of the lights with light bulbs such as the Phillips Hue.

If you want to turn off a plug to avoid power consumption, there are smart switches like the WeMo that allow you to cut or turn on the power of a particular plug, and all these things are possible without being at home, according to The Free Android.

Now, if the person is at work or just outside the house, can also water the garden with the shower Edyn, which can also do it automatically if the ambient temperature is hot. You can also clean the floor with vacuum cleaners such as Samsung's POWERbot, which vacuums and sweeps the floor without having to do it manually.

To make purchases, the Family Hub fridge -also from Samsung- allows viewing from an internal camera the products they have and those that are missing, as well as making a list of missing products by themselves and even buying them online, according to the official website of Samsung.

As for washing clothes, the washing machine Avantgarde of Siemens is responsible for washing by programming from the smartphone in the same way that the temperature of the house can be controlled, the leading device in this segment according to The Free Android is Nest - from Google - which adapts to the thermostat to lower or raise the temperature. It also adapts to how the person makes the changes to do it automatically. There is also Nest Protect, a smoke detector that alerts the phone directly when activated, according to Xataka.

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Finally, security cameras can also be operated from the immediacy of the phone. To visualize them from there, the Logi Circle lets do this and also includes a microphone to listen, a speaker to communicate and night vision, also record at an HD resolution, as long as the WiFi connection allows it, according to LogiTech.

Eduardo Nilo, Executive Director of the Smart Home Home automation company, assured Emol that the main advantages and use of this type of device are safety and energy savings. According to Nilo, after one or two years, it is possible to recover the money invested in the electronic devices thanks to the savings in the electricity bill, in addition, home automation generates an immediacy for the user to be able to control everything at a distance.


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