US elections: 'Kamala Harris: for the people'

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A new contender is thrown into the ring of the US presidential race

US elections: 'Kamala Harris: for the people'

Although there is still a good time ahead for the 2020 presidential election, the Democrats have already started the presidential race. The first to announce it was Elizabeth Warren, at the end of 2018. The announcement was made in the key state of Iowa.

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Now Warren is joined by Kamala Harris, a senator who has stood out for defending middle-class families, denouncing police brutality and the death of black men at the hands of members of the armed forces, as RFI recalls. Besides, Harris stands out as the second African-American woman to occupy a seat in the United States Senate, according to El Tiempo. Similarly, the same media states that "Harris was the first Afro and the first female Attorney General in the history of the State of California."

Harris, 54, is another Democrat who will fight against possible re-election of current President Donald Trump. For El País, Harris is "the first black woman to appear with the possibility of winning a presidential nomination." Thus, Harris presented his campaign around the town, the truth, the struggle and the debate on racism in the United States. The speech, given in Oakland, the city where she originates from, gave her a more personal sense since that was where she began her political career as a city prosecutor and later became the attorney general of California.

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Your achievements in your political career

Harris is noted for his way of cross-questioning during interrogations during Senate hearings. The Time recalls the interrogation regarding the subject of "Russiagate," where Harris interrogated Kavanaught to see if he remembered having a conversation with the prosecutor Robert Muller. "'You have an impeccable memory. He has spoken for almost eight hours in front of this committee. How can you not remember if you had a conversation with Mueller? "

In the same way, the work of Harris was highlighted in the financial crisis of 2008, where he intervened before the Wall Street bank to prevent thousands of middle-class families from losing their homes, as indicated by RFI. Like the senator, herself explains in her Twitter account, "we chase the five largest banks in the US. We won $ 20 billion for homeowners in California and passed the strictest laws against foreclosure in the country. "

Kamala Harris: For the people

For the (for the people), is the motto under which this campaign takes off. Thus, the objective of this motto is to continue 'in the struggle for middle-class families (...) to continue in the struggle to hold this Administration accountable "[...] we have won, and we have lost, but we have never stopped to fight ", highlights in his official speech.people

In the latter, he stressed that both the American dream and the country's democracy "are under attack [...] We are here at this moment in time because we must answer a fundamental question: Who are we? Who are we as Americans? So, let's answer that question to the world and each other here and now. The United States, we are better than this, "he said.

In the speech, he also highlighted the reason for his candidacy for the elections and said that "I am running to be president of the people, by the people and for all people. I'm running to fight for the United States where you only have to work on one job to pay bills and where health care and education are fundamental rights. "



Harris: Obama 2.0?

For the News portal, Harris' strength should not be overestimated. It could be a real presidential danger for Trump, taking into account that in the official event of his candidacy he managed to have an attendance of 20,000 people and collect 1.5 million dollars from donors.

One of the biggest challenges for Harris will be to stand firm against the attacks of his opponents, including Trump. For Antia Dunn, ex-adviser of Barack Obama and in dialogue with LA Times, "She really took a big step to prove, not to tell people, but to show people, it's a candidate that can go far." and finally, for the content portal, "comparisons are favorable with former President Barack Obama, with whom he shares deals but also the charisma and the stay calm in the most bitter political debates."


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