El Salvador: these are the proposals of the candidates

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In this infographic we tell you more about the candidates for the presidency of El Salvador and wich are their proposals

El Salvador: these are the proposals of the candidates

This coming February 3, El Salvador will elect a new president. These will be the sixth elections after the signing of the 1992 peace agreements. For these elections, Salvadorans will be able to choose between 4 candidates, who will govern until the year 2024:

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  • Hugo Martínez for the Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation (FMLN)
  • Joshua Alvarado (VAMOS)
  • Carlos Calleja (Republican Nationalist Alliance (ARENA))
  • Nayib Bukele (Great Alliance for National Unity (GANA))

The candidate with the most significant support and intention to vote is the former mayor of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who has 40.5% support, according to a survey by the Universidad Tecnológica. But to achieve this, Bukele must have the support of 1.3 million Salvadorans "to win in the first round or win the second round," as La Prensa Gráfica affirms. Thus, the same media emphasizes that this number of votes is due to an average established in the result of the last three elections.

Bukele turns out to be revealing not only for his shortage (37 years) but because he does not belong to either of the two parties that have been governing since 1994, which are ARENA and the FMLN. In his closing campaign speech, Bukele said that "Here we are about to make history, we are going to break the two-party system that has prevailed in this country for a long time."

The discontent towards these two parties was evident in the legislative and municipal elections of El Salvador in March 2018. According to Foreign Policy, "the pre-electoral surveys of the University Institute of Public Opinion of the Central American University José Simeón Cañas (IUDOP), revealed that 88% of the citizens said they do not feel represented by the deputies or deputies ".

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The previous thing was reflected in the two dominant parties because, in those elections, the FMLN party lost 44% of the votes. While the ARENA party lost 7%. Similarly, the same means reflects that the results indicate a "general malaise; if in 2015 between the two parties concentrated 76% of the votes, this year (2018) reach 66%. "

In this way, the second favorite turns out to be Carlos Calleja, who closed his election campaign stating that "It's not about maybe. We are going to win the presidency of the Republic in the first round ". In a distant third place, according to El Nuevo Diario, is the candidate for the FMLN, Hugo Martínez. Martinez has promised that, if he wins, he will fight corruption, he also stressed the support and struggled for "the poorest and the middle class of this country that struggles every day to move the Salvadoran people forward," he stressed.

Finally, the candidate Josué Alvarado remained optimistic about being able to reach the second round, and spoke of a miracle, "We believe in the miracle of February 3, since there are many Salvadorans who do not say so in the polls, but within their hearts They know that the decision of this February 3 is GO. " Similarly, it was stated that the candidates who have been appointed for the second round, "are going to take a tremendous surprise, since we are going to go in the second round and second we will win," according to La Prensa Gráfica.


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