This is Diego Molano, precandidate to be Bogotá's mayor

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One of the three candidates for Centro Democrático is Diego Molano, who is committed to improve safety, sustainability, and mobility

Diego Molano: precandidate to the city of Bogotá

Diego Molano, who served as director of the ICBF (Colombian family welfare institute), director of the Bavaria Foundation and as councilor of Bogotá, among others, plans to be the candidate for mayor of Bogota for Centro Democrático (Democratic Center party).

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In exclusive for LatinAmerican Post, Diego Molano affirmed that one of his most important efforts as mayor will be to implement the projects that the previous mayor, in this case Enrique Peñalosa, left ready in his government. "One of the biggest challenges is to implement the projects that other governments left, we have to leave behind the idea that because the project was raised by Peñalosa, by Petro, we cannot do it. To raise the city better, it is necessary to move forward and execute them."

Among his main proposals on security is the justice to the neighborhood, the implementation of a police that is only for Bogota, which is trained and moves within the city, since for Molano one of the main concerns is the deficit of policemen in the capital.

Similarly, micro-trafficking in Bogotá is a topic that must be touched immediately, and for that Molano intends to dismantle the "pots" (places where microtrafficking is concentrated) that are found throughout the city. "Once dismantled, it is intended to recover the space to create SACUDETE points (Health, Culture, Sports, and Technology)".



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In terms of mobility, the pre-candidate aims to create a democratic path that crosses the city and in which the user can choose the type of lane in which he wants to go. "Metro at level, express lanes payments, moderate traffic, exclusive lanes for motorcycles, and bike paths". In addition, he guaranteed that his government would not carry out more studies on the subway, but that it is within his plans to deliver the first line of the most controversial means of transport in the city.



Although it has not been defined who will be the representative for the Democratic Center for the mayor of Bogotá, Molano is clear that one of his virtues is the experience in both public and private sector. Within the party, he has the endorsement of Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal and former presidential candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga. Please wait for more information about the exclusive interview that LatinAmerican Post had with the precandidate.


LatinAmerican Post Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz
Translated from "Diego Molano: precandidato a la alcaldía de Bogotá"

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