Do you want to feel your baby? Technologies to feel him inside the womb

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There are different ways to see your baby while him is inside your belly, even some without needing to go to the doctor

Do you want to see your baby? Technologies to see him inside the womb

The times of the 2D ultrasounds to see your baby were left behind. Currently, there are not only multiple ways to see your baby in a much more real way, but there are also apps that allow you to scan your belly and see your baby without needing to go to the doctor.

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After the 2D ultrasound, which has existed since 1957 and showed images of the baby in black and white, this method began to evolve. Ultrasounds do not only serve as memories for parents, but for the doctor to see your baby and detect possible abnormalities.

3D ultrasound is another type that has taken a lot of force in recent years, although usually the medical insurance does not cover it, parents decide to pay a little more to be able to perform them. This allows the baby to be seen, for the first time, in color and in volume, thus revealing more defined features, such as the nose. Also, the 4D advanced a little more and allowed to see the movements in real time.


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The 5D and 6D technology are the "full HD" ways of seeing the baby. According to El Comercio, with this latest technology, which began in 2018, you can see almost perfectly the entire uterus.

The importance of these advances is that they allow detecting any type of physical malformation as soon as possible. According to Rafael Ascenzo Aparicio, specialist in fetal ultrasound of the Miraflores Clinic, as El Comercio portrays: "with these new equipment we can now thoroughly evaluate the fetal heart and brain, which are complex organs of study".

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Other advantages are that it can detect heart failure, spina bifida and cleft lip, even before they are physically noticed. In addition, the images obtained can be sent to mobile devices immediately and with the same quality.

Other incredible ways to see your baby

Baby Eco Vision is a technology created in 2018 that works for 4D and 5D ultrasounds. This seeks to create an even more exciting experience than the simple fact of going to see your baby inside the womb. With only a pair of glasses and a cell phone, you can enjoy, through virtual reality, "pregnant women and their partners are allowed to have a much greater emotional experience than with traditional ultrasounds," says the Women's Unit., one of the promoters of the project.


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Technology has gone so far that you do not necessarily have to go to a doctor to be able to enjoy your baby before he is born. In 2016, the Shell device was created to listen to the baby's heartbeat inside the belly. Just by bringing the device closer to the belly, it is possible to detect the heartbeat, which can be saved and sent later.

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There are also apps that work like a scanner that also serve different organs. Apps such as 'ClinicsApp', are used to view the ultrasound on the device's screen, at the same time as it is in the ultrasound scanner, connecting both.


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