Liverpool and its financial boom

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The process of the German Jûrgen Klopp brought sporting goals and also the financial collection that has surpassed all the expectations in the Reds

Liverpool and its financial boom

A dream season, that was the period 2017/2018 for Liverpool that not only caressed the Champions League and the Premier League, but the coffers had a high rebound, catapulting the 'Reds' to the Top10 of the richest clubs in the world.

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The process of the German Jürgen Klopp has been fundamental, since his arrival in October 2015 the team has had an extraordinary rebound in sports gear, the sale of players, the 'Merchandising,' television broadcasts, ticket offices, among others.

This was announced by the consultancy Deloitte in its Football Money League (DFML) report, published by the sports portal Marca.com, in which they installed the 'Reds' in the sixth position, a ranking led by the Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, while Manchester United remains with the third box.

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The 'residents' of Anfield, in 2017/2018, registered 518 million euros corresponding to the sale of players, another 250.7 'melons' for audiovisual rights, plus 175.5 of sponsorship income and the no less negligible figure of 82 million pesos for his participation in the 'Champions,' of which he was runner-up.

Multiplying your income by four

The numbers quadrupled the 45.5 million euros reached by the club during 2016/2017, which confirms the vertiginous rise not only in the field of play but has also accompanied these values in their bank accounts.

The director of operations of the club, Andy Hughes, in statements replicated by the portal palco23, says that Liverpool "has improved its financial position sustainably and stably [...] has allowed us to significantly reinvest in both the equipment and the operational infrastructure of soccer ".

Responsible expenses in Merseyside

In spite of the financial bonanza, Klopp has been moderate in its costs from the beginning, since with 14 million Euros it reinforced its flimsy and always complicated defense, whereas its rivals have disbursed strong sums of money to protect its arc: 205 million euros by Manchester City, 120 million squandered Chelsea, and in third place, with 76 million euros, Tottenham is located.

Despite the extraordinary numbers, Real Madrid is at the peak of financial income, raising 750 million euros, marketing being its strength, of which it receives 356.2 million for 'Merchandising,' 251.3 for TV and the rest for revenue on match days.

It is followed by its 'archrival,' Barcelona, with 690.4 million euros, of which 322.6 are contributed by marketing, 223 million by television and 144.8 by jumping to the field. Meanwhile, the pocket of Manchester United reaches 666 million euros, 119.5 in each 'shock,' 230.4 for transmissions and 316.1 for marketing.

The above ratifies that behind were the times of the teams that only lived from the box office, the sale of players and the sponsors that appeared in the uniform and the surroundings of the stadium, nowadays the television transmissions, the marketing and the loyalty of his followers contribute in large part to the economic benefit of the club.


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