5 movies you should see if you’re a first-time parent

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If you are a new parent, take the time between dirty diapers and tantrums at midnight to see these movies with which you will feel identified

5 movies you should see if you're a first-time parent

Being a parent for the first time can be complicated. And it can be, above all, funny to watch. This is why we present these films, mostly comedies, about the experience of being a new parent. Between laughter and tears, you will feel identified with what happens to the characters of these films about motherhood and fatherhood.

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The Back-up Plan (2010)


Zoe, played by Jennifer Lopez, is a single, independent woman who decides to have a child through artificial insemination with the help of a sperm donor. What she did not expect was to meet the man of her dreams the same day he was inseminated. Now, with this twist in the plan she had for her life, Zoe must decide what to do with her pregnancy and with her partner. And the same thing has to think to Stan, her new boyfriend, who will have to deal with the setbacks of pregnancy and the situation of not knowing each other well but still be expecting a child together.

What to expect when you are expecting (2012)

The life of five couples changes with the news of waiting for a child in this film from an outstanding cast. Two celebrities, played by Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison, find out that they are pregnant in front of the camera when they win a contest program and do not know if they are prepared to make big decisions to face fatherhood. The photographer Holly, again: Jennifer Lopez, and her husband, Rodrigo Santoro, cannot conceive children, so they decide to start a process of adopting a child in Ethiopia. Wendy Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, owns a boutique specializing in babies and maternity. When she can finally get pregnant, she realizes that the miracle of life is not so beautiful and glamorous. Wendy's father-in-law has a very young girlfriend, Skyler, with whom they are also expecting a child. Skyler is the opposite of Wendy because she will have a natural and uncomplicated pregnancy, which will then come with the birth of twins. Finally, a couple of young people who have had sex one night get pregnant and have to deal with this little surprise.

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Knocked up (2007)

Allison, played by Katherine Heigl, is a single woman focused on her career. To celebrate an unexpected rise in her work, she goes dancing with her best friend. That night she has sex with an unknown man, played by Seth Rogen, and becomes pregnant. Allison and Ben, then, should get to know each other better in the process of dealing with Allison's pregnancy and making decisions that fatherhood has faced.

Life as We Know It (2010)

Holly (Katherine Heigl) is an organized and psycho-rigid woman who has a pastry shop. Eric (Josh Duhamel) is a sports broadcast director who is also a Don Juan. They have a blind date organized by their friends Peter and Allison. The appointment goes awry, and they realize that they have nothing in common. Over the years Peter and Allison get married and have a daughter, whose godfathers would be Holly and Eric, who hate each other but treat each other kindly. One night Peter and Allison die in a tragic accident, and their two friends must take care of their daughter. Holly and Eric, then, must move to the house in which their friends lived and, of course, fall in love in the process of raising the girl.

Nine Months (1995)

Simon (Hugh Grant) and Rebecca (Julianne Moore) have led light and quiet relationship for five years. Her life changes, however, when they find out that she is pregnant. Although Rebecca takes her pregnancy as good news and is excited about the new adventure, Simon does not seem very enthusiastic about the arrival of the new baby. The film revolves in the nine months of pregnancy in which the couple realizes that fatherhood will not be the end but the beginning of a new life.


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