The 3 strangest artistic pieces in the world of art

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Some artists go entirely out of the conventional; here we tell you which are those works cataloged as the strangest in the world of art

The 3 strangest artistic pieces in the world of art

Many artists make pieces that perhaps many do not consider pieces of art. But what happens when the works are out of context and find them strange and crazy. Below we will show you some of them that, however absurd they may seem, have still been bought by some.

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Potato # 345 - Kevin Abosch (2010)

This photograph was taken by the Irish conceptual artist Kevin Abosch who works not only photography but also sculpture, installation, and video. Although it is a typical photo because it is just a potato, it is one of the most expensive photographs in the world, because as it was published the petapixel.com portal was sold in 2015 for the fantastic sum of one and a half million Dollars. According to what the website reported, Business Insider said that the iconic "black background" that the artist uses in his photographs has become synonymous with status among the elites, so rich and famous pay more than $ 150,000 for a session of photos with the photographer.


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Merda d'artista - Piero Manzoni (1961)

The title translates "Shit Artist" and is one of the most recognized works of the controversial artist. In the year 1961 during the time in which he was living in Milan, he presented for the first time the boxes of "Merda d'artista" ("net content 30 grams, preserved in nature, produced and canned in May 1961" ), as published by the pieromanzoni.com portal. The realization of the works has many precedents in the art in the 1900s, among them "La Fuente" by Duchamp (Fontaine - 1917) or the surrealist coprolalias. Artists such as Dalí, Georges Bataille and many years ago Alfred Jarry with his play Ubu Rey in 1896 had given literary dignity to the word "shit," as the portal explains. Also, as stated by this web page, the association between anality and work of art (and between gold and feces) is a recurrent theme in the psychoanalytic literature that Manzoni may have received by reading Jung. So in art, you also fight to break taboos.


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Under the rainbow -Mark Jenkins (2008)

This American artist uses the street as his stage to work because in it he makes his installations. Achieving these sculptures interact with their environment (in this case the passerby) who unknowingly also become part of the work by going through the place where the mysterious mannequins are located by the artist. That's right; his work is mainly about filling cities with mannequins that seem to be real when they are in very realistic positions as if they were people acting. Sometimes they look funny, and sometimes they become quite disturbing like this, where it seems someone fell from the bridge into the water and finds himself face down in a state of unconsciousness. An artist with an exciting proposal that is not necessary to visit in the great museums of the world, it is enough to walk down the street.


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