Macbeth returns to the Teatro Colón de Bogotá

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We went to the first performance of Macbeth on its return to the Teatro Colón in Bogotá

Macbeth returns to the Teatro Colón de Bogotá

From Wednesday, March 27 to Sunday, March 31, one of the most renowned works of the English writer William Shakespeare will be shown at the Teatro Colón in Bogotá. With the adaptation of Joe Broderick and the direction of Pedro Salazar, the staging is a very interesting proposal as to how the story unfolds, which reflects the demons that through time have persecuted man in his quest to reach the power as published by the web portal of the Teatro Colón.

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This was released in 2016, is a co-production with the Stable Company, which was born as the interest expressed by a group of young people from Bogotá to participate actively and build foundations of what will be the future of theater in Colombia, as they post it on their Facebook page. Before performing again at the Teatro Colón right now, the play was a total success at the Almagro Festival in Spain.

Multiple scenes on stage

This is another factor of scenic production that most impressed us as spectators because at certain moments of the work you could see two or even three scenes at the same time. For example, the main scene was Macbeth gathered in his house and toasting with cynicism, when he had already given the order to kill his friend Banquo and his son. Another aspect that was carried out with such professionalism that came out impeccably.


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The transition from scene to scene

Perhaps, this is what impacts the viewer most, or at least it impacted us as assistants because in a very subtle and professional way it could be observed, almost as in an audiovisual work the passage of a scene to another with the majority of actors on stage. A question that was carried out with much professionalism.

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Most characters on stage

Other aspects that surprised us as spectators, was that the stage from a certain point of the work was not left alone or with few people. Almost all the actors were there performing a role or a choreography for more than not participating in what was the main scene.

Perhaps one of the most exciting scenes in this is the one that Banquo shouts to his son to escape those who were sent by Macbeth to kill them. In it you have your eyes fixed on the characters that are starring, but at the same time, there are several of the other characters who are carrying out a symmetrical choreography so that the feeling that they are escaping through a forest, where they must climb and jump, look perfect.



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It is a very interesting proposal in terms of the staging, the props, the feeling they give with the smoke at different moments of the work and it should be noted that the music also captures the viewer with the sensations that they wish to transmit.


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regresa al Teatro Colón de Bogotá"