Lauval, Colombian bags around the world

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In less than a year of creation, this Colombian brand of bags is moving forward to be around the world

Lauval, Colombian bags around the world

Focusing on the empowerment of women, the designer Laura Vallejo has managed to position her brand in the local market with great success and profitability, which has served to expand its commercial commitment and conquer international markets.

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The brand named Lauval, an acronym of the name of its creator, points high on the Colombian scene and seeks to be screened in Europe and Asia by the end of 2019.


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Bags for empowerment

According to information found on her own YouTube channel, Laura Vallejo, from Cali, created Lauval after having trained as a Master of Marketing in Luxury and Fashion Brands at the Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan.

Vallejo studied Business Administration at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia and after having gone through Rebecca Taylor in New York and other work experiences in Milan, she found the right path to undertake under her name.

"The essence of my brand, beyond empowerment, is based on female fullness," Vallejo said in a video of his channel. "Our first collection is a representation of this inspiration," she adds.

The portfolios of his first collection are three, each with a different meaning. In their own words, the three portfolios seek to be a luxury weapon so that the woman who uses it in any circumstance or environment, feels confident and empowered.

The Emma bag represents the reckless and proud woman; The Omna bag goes for the strong women and the Bria bag, for the women who know that beauty is in the interior. The three designs that make up the first collection of Lauval have been manufactured by women craftsmen of the country.

The logo of the Lauval bags is the frame that is an analogy of female strength.

"Their designs are recognized, in addition to their flat and strong colors, by the attribute that Laura decided to highlight from LAUVAL, which are their handles of rolled handle or wrapped handle, with their unique and special design that differentiates them from the other portfolios in the market, "says fashion blogger Natalia Echeverry for the portal Pilar Mode.

"We have a production with limited series of 27 units per reference," Vallejo told Fashion Network; a subject that turns its emerging designs into exclusive copies.


Una publicación compartida de LAUVAL (@lauvalofficial) el


From below, to the top

Everything seems to indicate that Lauval aims at the top. September 2018 was the launch month for the brand, which was coldly calculated since February 2017, according to the Pilarmode site. So a few months have been enough to position itself as a promising and flagship project.

Lauval currently has a commercial showroom in Bogotá, in addition to having found a place in the StDom multi-brand stores in Cartagena and the Colombian capital. In parallel, also sheltered by the multi-brand, Lauval has found success in Panama and the United States.

But not being too little, the Colombian has jumped the ocean by opening two private showrooms in Madrid and Barcelona, now in negotiations to expand its emerging power in Spain and very soon in Europe, Asia, and other foreign markets.

"We have many projects for this year, soon we will be launching the international e-commerce, and in about a month the new collection comes out," Vallejo said in a Fashion Network report.

For now, the brand is positioned digitally through social networks, especially Instagram.


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