Formula 2: historic day for debuts

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Not only two sons of motor racing legends debuted, but also the first woman to run the competition

Formula 2: historic day for debuts

An emotional day marked the first date of Formula 2, the prelude to the most significant motorsport competition. Held from March 29 to 31 in the Arab city of Sakhir and for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Tatiana Calderón, Mick Schumacher and Giuliano Alesi made their debut in Formula 2.

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Tatiana Calderon, the first woman to compete

It is not the first time that Colombian makes history. As we outlined in another article, Calderon began her career in motor racing a little over six years ago, and step by step has been climbing to earn a place in Formula 2.

On the first date of the season, divided into two races, the Colombian started from position 19 and came in 13th place in the first of them. According to MotorSport, Calderón was able to arrive in this position thanks to "a strategy of prolonging the pit stop, added to various overtaking such as the one carried out on Callum Illot."


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Meanwhile, and as Marca says, "the Canadian Nicholas Latifi of the DAMS team took the first place; Luca Ghiotto of UNi-Virtuosi Racing, with the second; and the third place went to Sérgio Sette Câmara, also from the DAMS team. "

However, in the second race of the date, Calderon could not score points, because he arrived at the number 15 position. This is how the competition was led by the Italian Luca Ghiotto, who climbed to the podium defeating the winner of the race. Latifi first date and came in third.


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Schumacher back

Mick Schumacher, son of legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, and seven times winner continues with the legacy left by his father, not only part of the Ferrari Driver Academy but made his debut under the Prema Racing team. However, for many, the first race "was not as bright as everyone expected", according to Mundo Deportivo.

The same means argues that within the difficulties with which the young pilot of 20 years was found were "experienced pilots and the difficult management of tires in that category," something that Schumacher had already planned because he had to adapt " the style of driving to a car and a very different kind. "

However, on the first date, he managed to finish in the eighth position which allowed him to start in the first position, but not keep it. "The Heir," as it is also called, could not stay in the head of the competition because he finished sixth, managing to score points.

Schumacher still has a long way to go, because even if he wins the absolute triumph of Formula 3, in this competition he will have much to learn to gain experience in the run-up to Formula 1. However, while it's time to debut in the top category, Schumacher will be part of the test days of Formula 1. "I'm more than excited, and I want to thank Ferrari for giving me this opportunity. I am looking forward to participating in what I am sure will be a great experience, "according to statements collected for 20 minutes.


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Giuliano Alesi

The son of legend Jean Alesi made his debut under the Trident team. The French driver left after three years the GP3 Series, to concentrate on Formula 2. For La Provence "Alesi is entering another phase of his very young career this weekend."

In the first race, he finished in position 12 and according to his father, the driver "has responded, he appreciates this last articulation in the place, this afternoon. There was no problem. It was not obvious, because everything is new to him. "He is in the process of learning at this level of competition, so finishing the race is a great performance, and for the first weekend in Formula 2, Things are going well ", according to the same medium.

However, in the second race, the French driver was not so lucky. After finishing in position 18, he was disqualified for the incorrect use of the tires. According to MotorSport "in the French driver's car, the tires were mounted on the right and left side and vice versa, which violates article 24.1 of the sports regulations".


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Like Schumacher, Alesi figured as one of the favorites for the start of the season. However, both drivers will have to get used to the new demands to which they are exposed to consolidate and advance to Formula 1, continuing with the legacy of their parents. In the meantime, the next date will be from April 26 to 28 for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.


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