Technology at the service of tranquility in residential projects

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Do you want to increase the security of your home? Here we tell you how you can do it

Technology at the service of tranquility in residential projects

If they knock on the door when you're not there, today you can answer from the cell phone. It is one of the advantages of the "Smart Doorbell" or "SmartEye", which is part of the latest innovations that real estate developers like Exxacon are implementing.

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Security in residential buildings and offices is an essential aspect in the summer season and the elements that you can find are increasingly sophisticated and technological. In times when these spaces tend to have less movement of people, efficient access control is necessary, such as the SafeCard or SmartEye mobile application, which replaces the traditional doorbell and allows anyone who arrives at the door through a photograph to be registered. or independent video if there are people or not in the department.

María José Uriarte, project development manager at Exxacon, says that SafeCard has multiple advantages because you can control all the accesses of the building (vehicular, pedestrian and others) with an application from a cell phone. "This control is personalized. Each user manages the different access points and can even send an invitation to a friend with a specific schedule and the guest can only enter that time". He adds that, according to the authorization, the guests enter the building by means of a QR code, which is sent to their mobile phones, which also authorizes the exit. The entry can also be by a numeric code, sent as a text message to the cell phone.

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Uriarte says that another innovative product that can be used inside or outside the department, is the SmartEye, which allows you to transfer the ringtone to the cell phone, in order to answer from anywhere who arrives at the door and rings the bell and, optionally, see-through photo or video, with whom you are speaking . "The system is very practical because it can also be used while you are inside the house, to know who is in front of the entrance or to speak with that person without opening the door," says María José.

The technologies are present from the early stages of projects in buildings such as Vita in San Miguel and HubEgaña 1 and 2 in La Reina.

Source: Exxacon