Everything we know so far about the new Joker

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The official poster and the trailer for the new Joker film has already been released. Here's all we know so far about it

Everything we know so far about the new Joker

About the launch of the official trailer of the new film about the Joker, we bring you all the data we have so far on this, one of the most anticipated DC movies of the year.

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The poster


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In the official poster you can see only the face of the new Joker with the makeup running and looking up as in a kind of dance pose. We know that we will see a Joker contemplative as well as restless and insane. Only the name of Joaquín Phoenix, the actor who will play it, is highlighted on the poster, so it can be predicted that the film will focus on this character and not on any other, as we saw in the last DC production in which he appeared. the Joker, Suicide squad . This will be, then, the first film of the legendary Batman villain.


The trailer

In the trailer we see a Joker who tells us his life in the first person, what his mother told him when he was a child. "Smile", she always said. While he explains this, we see a battered Joker, bullied by the inhabitants of Gotham City. We will see a Joker trying to put his best face in the face of adversity.

But throughout the two minutes that the trailer lasts, and we predict that it will also be what we will see throughout the film, we see his transformation. We will see a disturbed Joker, exhausted, perhaps even oedipal and spiteful. It is insinuated in this trailer that finally we will see on the screen the origin of this super villain, whose evil would probably be the daughter of a cruel and abusive society. At the end of the trailer we heard his voice saying that he thought his life was a tragedy, but that it is really a comedy. And it is here when we see him completely transformed into the unstable and smiling villain that we have always seen in the comics and on the screen.

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Who will do it?

The Joker is directed by Todd Phillips ( All The King's Men, The Hangover, Project X ). It will be the first film in a series of films produced by Warner Bros. Studios by DC Comics but separated from the Extended Universe of DC . This was to be known after the crushing criticism and booing that received Suicide Squad, perhaps one of the most anticipated films of DC as well as one of the most disappointing. This new production on the Joker changes the tone with which Suicide Squad was recorded, because this time it is a film of much less budget and directed to be a film of psychological crime not action or superheroes.

Another big difference in this new appearance of the Joker is that this time his comedian side will not appear while his evil side. Arthur Fleck is a comedian and a frustrated clown before he went crazy. And it will be this frustration and how much society ignores what will transform it into the super villain we are so afraid of. Fleck, then, has a passion for comedy from the point of madness, passion that will last in him even when he is already a famous and feared criminal of Gotham City.

As I said above, it will be the first time we see the origin of the Joker. In the series of comics there have been many different versions of the origin of their evil, just as the Joker himself did when he told the origin of his scars in Batman The Knight of the Night, played by the late Heath Ledger. In other films he had hinted, or even shown, that he would have fallen into acid, which had deformed his face into an eternal smile. This time we will learn the psychological origin of his evil and his madness. The story was written by Phillips by Scott Silver ( 8 Mile, The Fighter, The Finest Hours ).

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Release date

The film is scheduled to premiere on October 4 this year. Just in time for Halloween.


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