The 3 sculptures of sacred art you should know

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This Holy Week we want to highlight some of the most important sculptural works of sacred art

The 3 sculptures of sacred art that you should know
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Sacred art are those works of art that aim to worship the holy, the religious, the divine, as stated by the portal tiposderte.com, which also adds that this style is not only found in Catholicism as many They can relate it, but also in other religions such as Buddhism and the Muslim faith. Then we tell you some of the most emblematic sculptures of this art.

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The Pieta - Michelangelo

The sculptor and Florentine painter, Miguel Ángel Buonarroti, made this sculpture with only 24 years of age in the year 1499. It is impressive how in the 15th century someone could carry out such a perfect sculptural piece in marble. According to Cultura Genial, the marble block with which the artist carried out such a magnificent bit was extracted from the Carrara mountains, a place famous for the quality of this material. The theme of this work captures the pain of the Virgin Mary holding the corpse of her son, Jesus Christ, at the moment when she is taken down from the cross, as she affirms. The work is currently displayed in the Crucifix chapel of St. Peter's Basilica of the Vatican in Rome, Italy and is visited by millions of people.



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The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa - Gian Lorenzo Bernini

People who have been in front of this sculpture say that their skin bristles when they see the work of the Italian Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It is not for less, because it is a piece of white marble impresses by its delicate and perfect finishes. As the portal historia-arte.com affirms, the central theme of the work is that moment when Saint Teresa receives the mystical gift of transverberation, which means that "intimate union" with God. According to this same portal, more than an orgasm is like feeling "pierced the heart by a supernatural fire." The sculpture is 3.4 meters high and is on display in the Santa Maria de la Victoria museum in Rome, Italy.



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Virgin and Child - Felipe Vigarny

As published by the portal españaescultura.es, in 1536 the sculptor and carver Felipe Vigarny carried out two funerary monuments to Bishop Tuy, one for himself and another dedicated to the memory of his father. The sculpture was what the artist worked most, and this work is currently in the National Sculpture Museum of Valladolid in Spain. The piece is carved in relief, has a height of 200 centimeters, a width of 100 centimeters and produces tenderness in the viewer by the image that it shows in it.




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