What are the best Latin American companies to work for?

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Each year the Great Place to Work portal publishes listings focused on presenting the best companies to work with. Here we introduce you to the top 5 in the region

What are the best Latin American companies to work for?
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There is nothing more tortuous than leaving the university and facing the hostile labor world. Little supply, low salaries, and bad working conditions are just some of the obstacles in the way of new professionals who want to start building their independent lives. However, not everything is hopeless, it is not a lie that there are companies that offer good salaries, good work environment, facilities and others to keep employees satisfied. Here are the five best companies to work in Latin America according to Great Places To Work.

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1) Mercado Libre

Founded 20 years ago in Argentina, Mercado Libre is the most popular online shopping platform in South America. It has more than 6000 workers around the continent and its great strength is that every day they strive to break paradigms in order to know and adapt to modern times. Communication between employees and employers is quite solid and friendly, which encourages everyone to investigate and create knowledge from dialogue and research.

Another of its attractions is its sustainable programs that involve the care of the planet, social and educational development, and entrepreneurship. By increasingly reducing its carbon footprint, Mercado Libre is emerging as a vanguard company responsible for the planet. Finally, it is friendly with motherhood. They give plenty of free time for new parents to go home early to be with their children without the salary being affected, they have daycare centers in their facilities and a fairly good program of child care services.

2) Belcorp

This multinational company in charge of selling cosmetics and skin care products of Peruvian origin was founded in 1968. At present, it strongly treads not only in Inca territory but in 15 countries of the American continent. This company is especially good for women: 81% of its employees are women and their business model supports them to increase their income and become entrepreneurs without much difficulty. Belcorp is not only kind to its employees, but also to vulnerable women in Latin America through the Belcorp Foundation, present in six countries in the region. To date, they have assisted a little more than 15,000 girls, adolescents and women to improve their lives and empower them.

3) Natura

Another cosmetics multinational, founded in Brazil one year after Belcorp. It is present in six Latin American countries and in each one works hard to give back to its respective society to strengthen it. In Mexico, for example, they have the 'Ver para creer' (See to believe) foundation, which is in charge of collecting funds to provide education to those in need. All of its funds go directly to Mexican public education, as this multinational shows interest in the social development of children. In Peru they have a program called 'Gerente por una semana' (Manager for a week) and consists of matching university students interested in management with managers of the multinational for a week to learn firsthand how the world of work is from this position.

4) DHL

This company dedicated to the transport of goods, although it is of German origin, in Latin America is present in several countries and offers one of the best environments to work. Their biggest concern with their employees is that they are constantly learning, developing their human skills and being able to contribute to society. This is possible thanks to the 'My Talent World' program that offers an infinity of virtual courses and support materials such as videos and podcasts.

5) Cisco

This monumental multinational, dedicated to information and with presence in more than thirty countries, ten of them Latin Americans, has maintained since its creation in 1984 an ideal environment to work and develop as a person. Being the technology of information its priority, it would be a blunder that it does not favor research and teaching among its employees around the world. Its philosophy is that workers should be united and maintain good chemistry among themselves so that the dissemination of information and knowledge flows easily. Thus, they can have a much more open vision of the world to contribute not only to the company, but to society.

They have a program called 'Rethink' that consists of supporting parents, grandparents or those responsible for children in conditions of disability, to help them understand such conditions and how to ensure that their children have the best possible experience in the world. Through various tools and platforms on the Internet, young people can develop their skills and understand their conditions.


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