The science of epigenetics and DNA home testing. How can it improve one's life?

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Here we tell you everything you need to know about epigenetics and DNA home testing

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

Undoubtedly, our DNA has always been one of the favorite topics for scientists from all over the world! They revealed many interesting facts about the same and the cake got iced when there happened a huge advancement in the study of human genetics during the 20th century with the complete mapping of the human genome.

After such a fantastic invention, the fact became apparent that our genes don’t determine our destiny solely. Also, when it comes to the occurrence of various diseases and the condition of our health, then genes play a very nominal role which is less than 10%!

And, here, epigenetics comes into the picture.

Wondering What Epigenetics is?

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

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Well, the definition is the study of heritable changes in gene expression that doesn’t involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence — a change in phenotype without a change in genotype— which in turn affect how cells read the genes. The various epigenetic mechanisms include phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, ubiquitylation, and sumoylation.

Sounds too scientific? Okay, in layman language, epigenetics is the study of how our environment affects our genes. This study is far more potential than genetics when it’s about determining the condition of one’s health.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., best-selling author of Biology of Belief: Unleashing The Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, further underpins the fact with his statement that our genes are just blueprints with no more power than a paper blueprint.

Rather, epigenetics leads us to understand what will be the right strides to fight against various health hazards and be hale and hearty always.

Moreover, one of the most integral experimental strategies that are involved with the study of epigenetics is nothing but testing our genetic material, i.e., DNA. If you want to sequence the genes while going for any epigenetics research, then DNA testing comes up as a mandatory step!

Know more about DNA testing

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

Source: Taken from original text

DNA testing is one of the core basis of various scientific fields such as forensic science, medical microbiology, medicine, gynecology, etc. The treatment of many diseases, detection of criminals, etc. can be done by testing the DNA from blood, hair or tissue sample. Thus, DNA testing holds an immense significance in the improvement of one’s life and society both.

Further, with the advancement of technology, now for testing your DNA you don’t even have to go to any clinical laboratory. It is because DNA home testing is becoming quite prevalent in the current era! People are finding this testing very helpful for the determination of paternity nowadays.

Now, do you want to know how specifically exhilarating can be epigenetics and home DNA testing for making your life better?

Well, then, I would like to throw some light upon the topic. Continue reading...

Epigenetics: A boon to live a healthy life

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

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As I mentioned above, epigenetics is all about the fact that the environment you live in is playing a far more effective role in controlling your health than the genes you possess. Yes! The food you eat, the air you breathe, the way you handle the problems in your life, etc. along with some other internal and external factors determine how your genes get expressed.

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Moreover, a recent research study conducted by Richard J. Davidson further suggests that there happens a quick and efficient gene expression when intensive mindfulness is used. To be specific, he revealed that after 8 hours of meditation, less number of pro-inflammatory genes were expressed in some people and they had a fast recovery from stress.

So, if you want a sound health and also to pass on the same to your next generations, you should always develop a great and vibrant ambiance around you. Certainly, when you think you are still young no matter what is your age, then it will trigger a switch to turn on your longevity genes.

The four most potential ways through which you can make your life better while adopting the science of epigenetics are:

1. Choose to speak positively

Your genes might not be your destiny, but your words are! According to epigenetics, the words that you speak land in your body and in turn your cell responds. So, try not to talk about any disease or disability and rather speak about how capable you are and ways to support yourself. Obviously, your health will be as good as your words!

2. Listen to your body

You can create a good health daily while listening to your body always. Generally, you will prefer listening to your body just before disease sets in, but if you pay attention to even a small deteriorating symptom in your body, then you can avoid many diseases. You can buy delicious and healthy food with online websites.

3. Pay attention to your inner sagacity to uplift your health

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

Source: Taken from original text

Oh! It is too necessary to cultivate your inner wisdom for creating a good health and you can opt for many potential approaches to do the same. For example, take your dreams seriously and tune into your emotions, the level of energy that you come up with while doing different works and even your menstrual cycles, for the women.

4. Know the diseases in your family history

Yes! You should be aware of whether someone in your family ever had cancer, diabetes or any other illness. It will help you to take necessary precautions and of course to fill out your medical history for your medical provider. But don’t allow the fact to take a toll on your brain!

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It is not inevitable that you will have cancer if unfortunately, your grandpa suffered from the same.

How can home DNA testing prove to be great for you?

Want to know why do you feel always tired? Why aren’t all the diet plans and exercises helping you to lose weight?

Well, the answer lies in just a couple of words: YOUR GENES!

And you can analyze the problems lie in the same while analyzing your DNA at home by using your saliva or blood as the sample. For that, you just have to buy an ‘at-home’ DNA testing kit!

The home DNA testing kits sequence your genes and store the data. So, if you want to use that later on then you can certainly do that. It is not the end! Suppose you want to get rid of obesity then home DNA testing can recommend you food and exercises based on your genetics.

Check out some more perks of opting for home DNA testing

The Science of Epigenetics And DNA Home Testing. How Can It Improve One's Life?

Source: Taken from original text

No doubt, if you go for home DNA testing, then it will make your life certainly better in various ways!

Explore how...

It can chart the migratory paths that your ancestors followed and enlighten you about your history. It will let you know your biological age as opposed to the actual age by measuring the length of your telomeres. Home DNA testing predicts higher risks of dangerous diseases in you like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ovarian cancer, etc. And thus you would be able to take precautionary steps beforehand.

Moreover, home DNA testing is too simple, maintains your confidentiality, affordable and widespread around the globe!! So, if you want to make your life physically and psychologically upgraded then home DNA testing can be one of the easiest approaches to do so. Check out the deals on various websites to get such services.

End of the Line

I hope you liked my insights in this article to make your life incredible. So, don’t forget to think positive, speak positive and live positive, so that you can trigger your genes in the best possible way and acquaint yourself about every genetic aspect of your life while testing your DNA at your home! I can assure that on doing so, you will end up rejuvenating your life like never before.

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