Do you know how to exercise your pet?

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Your dog must have at least one hour to play and exercise, but you must take into account some considerations, such as its age

Do you know how to exercise your pet?

Lack of physical activity can cause muscle and joint problems (canine arthritis) and overweight. In addition, because exercise is a wonderful channel of energy, help your pet to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and aggressive behavior.

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El Heraldo suggests that it helps build trust and confidence. Animals, in addition to having a home, deserve to have a life. Dog education specialists report that having a dog that does not walk enough is the same as having a family member with depression and always locked in the house. That is why the exercise with our pet family helps to have much more security, confidence and represents a fun way that involves the dog and its owner to rescue sensations that each one requires.

Before going out to play sports with your dog, it has to learn good manners and obey some basic commands. Remember that you are the one who has to control the dog and not the other way around. The dog also has to learn to live in society, "introduce" himself to other people and other dog friends. Your first subjects at the time of going out are: always walking it to your left and learn to obey the orders of: "still, sit down, lie down". The training is done from the year, the age at which you can also begin your physical training.

If before you have not been to walk with your dog, do not choose a road full of people or a lot of traffic, select a quiet and calm place. An excellent way to start with this exercise is to place your pet between a wall and you so that you can prevent the dog from moving away from you. It will not be the same to exercise with a puppy than with an adult dog, that's why it is necessary to take into account these super important data.

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Physical activity for a puppy up to a year and a half old

1. Does not demand too much physical effort

2. It is very important that it socialize with other dogs

3. Go for a walk near home

4. Play with him at a park

5. Go find the ball

6. They should not drag or carry weight

Physical activity from one and a half years, until eight years

1. At this stage, you can already take long walks and races

2. Take it to swim, load or move weight to your measure, without overloading it

3. It can practice 'agility' or hunting exercises

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Physical activity for eight to ten years

1. For this stage, the exercise should not involve effort or much intensity

2. Hydrotherapy exercises are recommended

3. Sand exercises

From ten years onwards

1. Exercise should reduce degeneration as much as possible due to age, increase muscle, improve balance, coordination and heart resistance

2. Take short, frequent walks

3. Perform hydrotherapy, massage and stretching

4. Perform mental and behavioral exercises, this will help you avoid negative behavior

5. Games to look for food, interactive and circuits to memorize

* Never forget to take with you something where you can discard the solid needs that your pet is leaving on the trip.


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