Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

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Those who visit Mexico City should attend the exhibition of these two great artists who have much in common. We tell you about our experience

Duchamp y Koons se toman la Ciudad de México

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Until next September 29, the Jumex Museum in Mexico City, the exhibition Apariencia Desnuda: El deseo y el objeto en la obra de Marcel Duchamp y Jeff Koons (Naked Appearance: the desire and the object in Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons' work), may be visited. Shows the parallel between these two artists who are some of the most influential of the twentieth century. At the press conference at the museum facilities, the artistic director of the Jumex Museum, Julieta González, said the exhibition is an event organized directly by the museum with a couple of sponsors and thanked the entire team for making the exhibition possible since it was a planning of time ago that thanks to the effort had been achieved.

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Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

The press conference was also attended by different media, the curator of the exhibition Massimiliano Gioni, the artist Jeff Koons and the conceptual artist Saâdane Afif. The second presented his exhibition 'Los archivos de la fuente' (The fountain archives), which shows part of his collection of images of the Fountain, a urinal that Marcel Duchamp designated as a sculpture in 1917.

Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

The main proposal of the exhibition are those echoes of formality and concepts that exist between the two artists, which are the most influential of the twentieth century. This, with the intention of pursuing his artistic worlds the "co-intelligence of opposites", as Duchamp calls it. The exhibition is divided into five sections within which different topics are analyzed but which are related to each other at one point.

-The Eroticism of Things

-The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic

-Vice Sans Fin or the Anatomies of Desire

-Identity as Medium - Subjectivity Ready-Made

-Innocence and Corruption

Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

The exhibition is not only reduced to the two rooms in which the exhibition is distributed in the Jumex Museum but also other cultural activities will take place. Within the program that includes, the conference of the opening of the exhibition, workshops for families, adults, and children, dialogues, seminars, other conferences, guided tours and Night of Museums free entry to visit the exhibition on the last Wednesday of every month from 6 pm.

This last activity, accompanied by concerts and performance events based on connections between Duchamp, art, and music. It is a very interesting exhibition for how the art of the two artists is at a point to be interrelated. In addition to the attention that images and objects of an exorbitant size that capture the attention of the viewer.


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Translated from "Duchamp y Koons se toman la Ciudad de México

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