Influencers: when you have everything to win on your side

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Regardless of what business influencers venture into, their fame will immediately make them win regardless of the quality

Influencers: when you have everything to win on your side

Although the above statement seems a little obvious, the fact is that influencers have everything in their favor to succeed in the creation of other types of products. Makeup, books and their own clothing brands are some of the things that they invent to keep increasing zeros in their bank accounts.

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That is the case of Kylie Jenner, who, at 21, already has a makeup empire and was called by Forbes the youngest millionaire to create her fortune on her own, as if nothing had influenced her fame, her millions of followers and the millions of dollars that the Kardashian-Jenner family has had for years. The truth is that, let's not lie to ourselves, the makeup is not the most beautiful in the world. It does not mean that it is not good, but the fact that it belongs to her must mean something.

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The reality is the reality: it does not matter in which business the creators of content venture, they will triumph only for being who they are. Now clothing is a profitable business, because we are used to buying clothes all the time. However, not only the simple name gives them the possibility of raising prices, as in fact all the brands and designers end up doing. In addition, they already have some fixed buyers that depend on the number of followers they have.

This, for example, is the case of Danielle Bernstein, best known for her blog We Wore What. With 1.5 million followers and 24 years, Bernstein was named in 2017 on the Forbes '30 under 30' list. Two years later and with 2.1 million followers, her latest collection of swimwear, launched with the Onia brand, sold almost 2 million dollars in the first 12 hours, according to Business of Fashion (BoF). It was enough that Danielle published a series of photos with the bathing dresses so that, between 9 in the morning and 9 in the evening, they would have sold 1.8 million dollars.


Not to mention, moreover, that each swimsuit cost around USD $ 200, which did not matter to her followers. This, without any intention to demerit the incredible collection inspired and set in Italy and taking into account their evident knowledge in fashion design, is because those millions of followers simply want to have something of the brand of a person whom they follow and admire.

In a similar case is Aimee Song, with 5.2 million followers and who has also appeared on the Forbes '30 under 30' list. She is currently in the launch of her clothing collection with the Revolve brand, but she has also recently launched her book, World of Style, and is known for her blog Song of Style. The example of Song, who is now working with the desired brand of young people who want to look like the women they see on social networks, is the clear example of what this brand has been doing for years.


Suitcase filled with @songofstyle cus I’m headed to Portugal to celebrate the launch! #songofstyle #revolvearoundtheworld

Una publicación compartida de Aimee Song (@aimeesong) el

Revolve is the 'dream-brand' of any young woman who is immersed in social networks and aware of influencers' life, like me. The brand has the best outfits and has the support of the largest creators of content, such as Aimee Song, Danielle Bernstein, Olivia Culpo and Shay Mitchell, among others. Its sales strategy has been practically 100% depending on these great figures of Instagram and blogging. The brand, for example, has its own festival during the days of Coachella, called Revolve Festival, where hundreds of guests are surrounded by artists and a spectacular location; of course, everything has to be suited for Instagram. Revolve knows that, for a product to sell itself, you need influencers, because they all want to be like them.

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However, the case that strikes me most is the influencers who decide to start selling their books. One thing is to ally with a brand, take out a collection with a designer or even create your own makeup, but to get a book you have to know how to write, right? And I do not mean that only people who studied literature, languages or something like that, can write. No, but a book is something that you buy blindly, trusting that whoever writes it will know how to describe each situation with delicacy.

When a content creator simply decides to launch a novel, you have no certainty of its quality until you read it, which, being honest, would not affect at all the quality of the prose, because their followers will buy it only because it was written by their 'idol'. For this purpose, the book by Calle y Poché, the Colombian YouTubers, caused the last book fair in Bogotá to collapse on the day of its signing of autographs. Their more than 3 million followers on Instagram and 6.5 million YouTube subscribers were the reason that, according to El Espectador, their book, a novel written by both, was Penguin Random House's second best-selling book. Sí, si es contigo ("Yes, if it is with you") was above the sales of Michelle Obama and journalist and historian Diana Uribe's books.


“El amor aparece en los lugares más insospechados”. #Sísiescontigo La novela de @calleypoche muy pronto en librerías.

Una publicación compartida de Me gusta leer Colombia (@megustaleerco) el


All this to say that the creators of content have it very easy when it comes to expanding their empire and, as long as your followers are faithful, you will never fail, no matter how good or bad the book is.


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Translated from "Influencers: cuando el triunfo ya está de tu lado"

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