Tips for painting with watercolors

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Here are some tips on what you need to have a pleasant experience making your work of art

Tips for painting with watercolors
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Watercolor is a fascinating artistic technique due to the use of a considerable amount of water when making a painting. Besides, the forms that can be carried out with this technique and the texture that can be obtained in the pieces become very interesting for the spectator because of the softness and delicacy that it transmits. This is why we want to give you some tips, so you do not fail in the attempt. Let's start!

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That's right, whenever you start any artistic work, it is essential to have an organization in the workplace to not waste time looking for some of the elements to use. This will also help your work not be damaged in case of accidents, such as spilling water, among others.


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As stated by the Cultura Colectiva portal, it is important to choose the brush taking into account the size of the surface that has been selected to carry out the work. It is essential that there is variety among them, which means that at least they must be purchased in three different sizes, thickness and texture (fine or rough). You can find many prices and qualities in the market, so if you are starting it is not necessary to buy an expensive price.


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At what place should you take into account in which of all types of papers you will work. It is necessary to buy the watercolor paper so that bubbles do not form at the moment of beginning the artistic work. The watercolor paper as published by the Wiki How portal is a heavy paper that is slightly texturized, this will have to receive a considerable amount of water and paint. The advice is to choose the thickest and heaviest paper at the beginning.


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It is a fact that artistic creations are full of spontaneity, but it is also true that you must have a basic theory to achieve a positive result. This is why the next tip is to read something about the theory of color in order to know how, when and what colors to use so as not to spoil your work or not having to repeat it.


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To start using watercolors, it is necessary that you do not use so much water. At the beginning, you should use a little water and then the amount will increase each time. As stated by the Wiki How portal "It is more difficult to achieve a more intense color by adding paint than to dilute a color by adding a little water."


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