All in! Copa América 2019's quarterfinals

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Of the eight classified teams, only one has not been champion. History and good soccer are the characteristics of the four best teams of this traditional tournament

Match between Colombia and Chile in the Copa America Centenario 2016 and logo of the Copa América 2019
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The quarterfinals came to the Copa America and in Latin American Post we can postpone the analysis prior to what will be the crossings between the eight best teams of the competition. For starters, the newspaper Marca reminds us that Venezuela is the only classified team that has not won the Copa América in all its history. The rest, even once, have already managed to raise the much-desired trophy.

Given this, we can consider that the encounters will not only have some of the best national teams in the world, but will confront teams that, in one way or another, can be considered great and historic in the region.

Brazil - Paraguay

Currently, Brazil is the clear favorite: seven points and eight goals in the group stage, five of them against Peru, not only place it as one of the best in the competition, but as the most goalscorers.

However, not everything is in favor of those led by 'Tite'. According to EFE, in the last four matches that the Brazilians and Guaranies have had in Copa America, in none of them did Brazil win: a 2-1 in 2004 and a 1-1 in the group stage of 2011, as well as the two confrontations for the quarterfinals in 2011 (0-0, 2-0 for penalties) and 2015 (1-1, 3-4 in penalties) are the results with which history gives the psychic support to Paraguay.

Therefore, even if Brazil seems better today, their players are not confident, while the Paraguayans still dream of giving the surprise to the end. "Paraguayans are players of extreme quality," said Everton, a player from Brazil. On the other hand, the Guarani ex-goalkeeper, José Luis Chilavert, said that "the games have to be played", since "Paraguay has players to beat Brazil".

Venezuela - Argentina

The second match of this phase has two surprises of the Cup, with contrasts completely notorious in the moments that each of them lives. In the first place is Venezuela, commanded by coach Rafael Dudamel, who knew how to stand on the field with a clear idea of the gameplay, willing to look for the attack without neglecting his defense. Although the most important result was a 3-1 against a very discreet Bolivia, the second place of Venezuela was achieved with the two ties that it achieved against Peru and Brazil. This last meeting was a show of tactics and order on the part of Venezuelan team. "Venezuela is a stable, logical team, with a scheme that is known," said the always controversial Argentinian journalist Martín Liberman.

Now, Venezuela's opponent will be Argentina, a very respected opponent. Argentina has the story, although it does not have the best present. With four points, three of them absolutely fought against Qatar, Argentina showed that it is not the best times for the team. However, that does not ensure that Venezuela will go over it.

"In this Cup, the favorites are Brazil and Argentina," said Jefferson Soteldo, right-back of Venezuela, just before its match against Brazil in the group stage. Respect for Argentina is still great, as Soteldo added, although Venezuela is "working to make a worthy role and, hopefully, give a surprise."

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Colombia - Chile

There is no doubt: this is the most attractive showdown of the quarterfinals, which is repeated after the 2-0 with which Chile reached the final of 2016. On the one hand, Colombia has nine out of nine points which consolidated it as the best team in Group B of the Cup and one of the best in the tournament.

However, Colombians know that these nine units become zero from this new phase on. This was explained by coach Carlos Queiroz at a press conference, saying that "now begins the Copa América." This does not mean that he does not trust his players, but the opposite, since "the most important thing is the certainty that we have the options there to give us solutions for the matches to come".

A similar case occurs with the Chilean national team, since their ranks already breathe an air of confidence, but not of disrespect towards their rival. "Now Colombia is coming. We have to respect it, but we do not have to be afraid," said Gary Medel, defender of the austral team.

Do not forget that Chile is the current two-time champion of the Copa América (2015 and 2016) and it was Reinaldo Rueda, its coach, who said "The challenge is to take advantage of this competition, to show that Chile's soccer continues to have status," was the comment with which Rueda showed security before the game against Colombia.

Uruguay - Peru

Uruguay (first of Group C, with seven points and seven goals in favor) and Peru (third of Group A, with just four points and three goals in favor and six against), will be the match that defines the semifinals of the cup.

Historic Uruguay, with 15 Copa América titles (the last one in 2011), has had the favorite label for several months. They won this preference not only for its players (Diego Godín, Nicolás Lodeiro, Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani), but also for the process that "Maestro" Tabárez has been doing for more than ten years with this national team.

"We will face that game like all the previous ones, with the intention of winning it. It was what we wanted, so we have to be aware of the need to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us," Tabárez commented at a press conference.

However, as for Peru, the Uruguayan coach said that, despite the tough defeat five to zero against Brazil, they do not consider that match. "Those are matches that happen every so often. And five goals warn any team and can transform the Peruvian team into a very difficult team," he said.


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