Artificial intelligence and augmented reality revolutionize makeup practices

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Artificial intelligence and augmented reality have created a more personalized and revolutionary makeup

"Opté Precision Skincare System”, “Kérastase Hair Coach” and “HiMirror Classic”

Technological evolution continues to advance without leaving excluded sectors, and one of these is the beauty industry, which although it could be thought that it does not have as much to take advantage of technology. In recent years have been created devices focused on satisfying the needs of the clients and in the health of their beauty. For this reason, LatinAmericanPost presents three technological innovations aimed at beauty.

 1. Makeup printer

 Occasionally, the face may be stained by the sun, scars and other factors that are difficult to cover with makeup, or simply need to cover the entire face to hide them, for this, Procter and Gamble (P & G) have designed "Opté Precision Skincare System ", which according to The Verge, serves to recognize the exact color of the skin and apply previously mixed makeup to cover the spots on the face.

How do you do it ?: Opté has 120 nozzles for injecting the exact makeup tone to hide the stain, which is detected through a camera that takes 200 photos per second to the skin to recognize by means of a processor the color and the spots, to then apply a minimum amount of base that the device generates a tone identical to that of the skin. This device was presented at the CES Electronic Fair 2019 and is expected to be put on sale in 2020, according to the BBC.

2. Smart Comb

Hair is also one of the most important areas in terms of beauty, however, its care can be complicated to many people, for this reason, the company Withings has devised a smart brush called "Kérastase Hair Coach", which will help an application that can be downloaded on the phone, to assess the condition of the hair and its damage analyzed after styling, as outlined by Xataka. 

The brush Kérastase, has a microphone in the center, because according to the manufacturers, the sound of the hair while combing can indicate the state in which it is, whether it is broken, damaged or entangled, also has sensors that are used to measure the way to comb and then indicate if it is doing well or badly and how to do it properly, in the end, the application generates a hair diagnosis represented in a percentage, which can be shared to receive advice in the same application.

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3. Healthy mirror

With a concept similar to that of the Kérastase comb, "HiMirror Classic" is a device that has a camera and a 14-inch screen, which have the function of analyzing and evaluating the skin of the face, such as spots, wrinkles, dark circles , redness, among other skin damage, according to review on its website. HiMirror works like a mirror controlled by the voice and gestures of the person.

In addition to assessing the state of the skin, this smart mirror also works with Big Data, collecting data on skin conditions and the products needed to care for specific damages, in this way, it offers the user a routine with tips personalized to care for your skin and then periodically monitor the progress of the skin, in terms of security, HiMirror ensures to have security encryption to care for the identity of users, in the same way that the camera can only be unlocked with a password chosen by the user.


LatinAmerican Post | Juan Bacallado
Translated from "3 tecnologías que están innovando el mundo de la belleza"

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