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Finally, one more week comes to an end! Disconnect from everything and relax reading this news of your favorite celebrities.

Resident - Becky G and J-Hope.

Resident - Becky G and J-Hope. / Taken from: instagram.com/residente - instagram.com/iambeckyg

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1. J.Lo and Shakira together in the Super Bowl

Yes. You read it right. Two of the most important singers in the pop industry will come together to sing in the halftime show of one of the sport's most important sporting events: the 2020 Super Bowl.

It seems that the tension that the two singers had in 2014 is left behind. Remember that before going on stage for the opening of the 2014 World Cup, JLo uploaded a video to Instagram where she made fun of the way the Colombian danced.


Una publicación compartida de Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) el

The funny thing is that, after the inauguration received many criticisms, Shakira was in charge of closing the most important football event.

The two artists confirmed in their respective Instagram accounts that they will participate in the Super Bowl on February 2, 2020. Definitely Latino pride!


Una publicación compartida de Shakira (@shakira) el

2. Residente rejects the position of reggaetoneros against Latin Grammy

After several singers of the popular genre promoted the #SinReggaetonNoHayLatinGrammys label by considering themselves excluded from the main Latin Grammy categories, Residente responded bluntly.


Una publicación compartida de Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) el

"Protest for what it's worth," he says in the video posted on Instagram. He also added that "they should relax, because the prizes do not determine the quality of the music" and thus expressed their support for the prizes because you do not have to offer bribes to win.

3. Archie makes his first official trip

The son of the Dukes of Sussex, Megan and Harry, made his first official trip to southern Africa. Archie, only four months old, met Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He came to the meeting in the arms of his mother and the moment was full of laughter from the baby, who was attentive and calm at all times.


Una publicación compartida de X-u-i-n (@xuin10) el

In addition, Archie became the youngest royal member to take an official trip, taking his cousin, Prince George's title, as he traveled with his parents to Australia when he was eight months old.

4. BTS and Becky G

The sensation of the K-Pop, BTS, shook the social networks by answering a tweet to the popular urban singer Becky G. In the tweet, the singer put “Then… #Beckytieneotrosecreto” (Becky has another secret), to which the official BTS account responded “Hello, I also have a secret, #CNS. ”

Immediately, the Armys, name by which the fans of the group are recognized, investigated all kinds of theories and noted that the letters CNS could give an indication of the name of the song. And they were right!, Fans discovered that the title of the new single is "Chicken Noodle Soup"; The video premiered on Friday and is expected to be a hit. ". BTS has already collaborated with important music artists such as Halsey and Nicki Minaj.


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5. Mario Kart available for smartphones

On September 25, the popular Nintendo video game, Mario Kart, was released and is available for both Android and Apple. However, for several media specialized in video games, the game can be one of the worst in the saga.

Its simple method and the fact that you have to play vertically and not horizontally, like other car games, take away the emotion of the original game . However, you will hear familiar sounds and music, in addition to the traditional banana peels, red shells and the annoying blue.