The Strokes: Which is the best and the worst album?

The Strokes is preparing their sixth album. We decided, then, to make a list of all their discography to date: from worst to best.

The Strokes band.

The Strokes band. / Taken from: thestrokes.com

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The Strokes, the band originated in New York, is one of the best known in the international rock scene. Some have even decided to label it as "the saviors of rock", after the release of their debut album, the popular 'Is This It' , which came out in 2001.

Well, according to Indie Hoy, the group led by Julian Casablancas would have finished recording their latest CD. Recall that the last work, entitled 'Comedown Machine' , came out in 2013.

In addition, The Strokes seems to have a link with Latin America for the near future. La República of Peru commented that the eleventh edition of the "Vivo X el Rock festival", which will take place on November 23 at the San Marcos Stadium, will have this group as one of the headliners.



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However, this is not all. Rock and Pop mention that the Lollapalooza festival in Chile in 2020 could count on The Strokes. If we take into account that most of the artists that perform in a Latin American country also continue the tour of the continent, this could be good news for Brazil and Argentina, for example, who already had their presence in 2017.

Therefore, we will review all their discography to date. It is worth mentioning that the band's last EP of 2016, 'Future Present Past' will not be included, since it only has 3 unpublished songs and an additional remix, so it would run at a disadvantage.

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5. 'First Impressions of Earth' (2006)

'First Impressions of Earth' has a main error: it usually feels somewhat monotonous and heavy, since there are few songs that manage to stand out. This can be evidenced in songs like 'Juicebox' , which is the predecessor of the great hit 'You Only Live Once' , which opens the CD.


Despite being in the last position, it is a record that we like and entertains a lot, where also ' Electricityscape' or 'Ize of The World' give it a different touch, although it does not manage to be strong enough to ascend in general positions

4. 'Room on Fire' (2003)

The second disc of this band lacked the solidity of 'Is This It' . Let's not fool ourselves: it is a spectacular work that many other groups would like to have in their record repertoire. However, if we compare it with its predecessor and some of its predecessors, we notice that there is a structural problem.

Despite having one of the best-known songs, which is entitled 'Reptilia'  we are in the presence of songs that do not seem to have a common thread and are hardly part of the best repertoire of this indie group.

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3. 'Angles' (2011)

In 'Angles', rock saviors perfected the sound of 'First Impressions of Earth'offering a vibrant and quite different sound than what we had become accustomed to. Despite looking like a list of loose songs, the band shows off with an electric start composed of the pair 'Machu Picchu' and 'Under Cover of Darkness' .

Later, it continues with beautiful songs like 'Call me Back' or 'Metabolism'. An album to rediscover and analyze today in retrospect.

2. 'Is This It' (2001)

The second place will be controversial, since 'Is This It' is a spectacular CD and has a lot of fans across the planet. Even the British medium The Guardian considers it the second best album of the 21st century, only behind Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' .

Despite having great songs, such as the homonym to the debut album, 'Barely Legal', 'Someday', 'Last Nite' or 'Hard to Explain', it is a matter of taste: the sound atmosphere feels quite dirty (it was not a mistake, but an artistic decision of the group), which reinforces the stereotypes of being a garage band, at least at the time.

Of course, that does not mean that we cannot assess it in its fullness and place it in the second position since, as you will see, we feel that later they achieved a sound style that would make them unmistakable and remove them from the imperfections they sought in the beginning.

1. Comedown Machine (2013)

The last work was quite criticized since it contains some themes that are quite far from the sound they had previously achieved. However, we believe it has been a positive change: songs like 'Chances' , '80's Comedown Machine' or the retro 'Call It Fate, Call It Karma' generate a slow ballad style that suits them really well.

Anyway, the electric and moving sound will also be present with excellent songs such as 'One Way Trigger' or ' All the Time' , so you have nothing to worry about. We feel that this work will be better valued in the future, but that, currently, it is part of the best they have taken to date.

Therefore, we have chosen to classify it as the best to date: it has a theme that can be perceived without problems, ventures into new styles in a very natural way and maintains the essence in some songs without affecting the whole. Take the test: give it one more chance.


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