Folding smartphones: Samsung vs Microsoft

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We tell you the characteristics of these two phones that promise to have incredible tools.

Samsung Galaxy Fold model and Microsoft Surface Duo.

Samsung Galaxy Fold model and Microsoft Surface Duo. / Photo: Samsung - Microsoft

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The race to launch a smartphone that is new and attractive to users has led two large technology companies competing in the field of folding smartphones.

In September, Samsung announced that next year a high-end phone will be released that can be folded to a compact square. The name of this device is Galaxy Fold.

Microsoft, meanwhile, announced on October 2, that it will return to the cell phone market with the launch of the Surface Duo. This is a phone that can also be folded and will work with the Android operating system.

What does Samsung offer?

At the moment there are not many details about everything that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will include. However, there are some notions of what the cell phone would bring. According to Bloomberg, the device will have the following characteristics:

  • 6.7-inch internal screen, which can be reduced to a square that fits in the pockets.
  • The screen will bend inward like a shell.
  • Camera at the top of the screen, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
  • On the outside, the device will have two cameras that will be on the back or front of the cell phone depending on whether it is open or closed.
  • It would have tools typical of laptops and would be combined with the functionalities of the smartphone.
  • So far it is not known how much the device will cost.

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What does Microsoft offer?

In the presentation of the news from Microsoft, the product director, Panos Panay, announced the characteristics of this cell phone. These are:

  • The phone will have two screens. Yes, as you read it, the Surface Duo will have a 5-inch screen and a 6-inch screen. They will be joined by hinges and the user can rotate them up to 360°.
  • Thanks to the two screens, the user can run two applications at the same time.
  • The two screens will also allow video game lovers who can use one of these as a remote control for games like PUGB and Fortnite.
  • Google and Microsoft allied so that the operating system is Android. The Surface Duo will feature the 9 Pie edition.
  • The hinge between the two screens will be different from that of Samsung and would prevent them from being damaged.
  • The cell phone would have the Snapdragon 855 processor, the most powerful Qualcomm has developed.
  • Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Surface Duo will only have one camera in the back and won't have any in the front.
  • It is not known how much users will have to pay.

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