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The latest news in the world of Latin American music was this: Soda Stereo returns with a tour like no other. But the truth is that Soda never left, neither with his separation years ago nor with the death of Gustavo Cerati.

Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti.

Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti. / Photo: Sodastereo.com

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Therefore, Cerati, Zeta Bosio, and Charly Alberti will always have a space in our hearts that no other band can match. Now, years after the death of their singer, they return with a unique tour to Colombia, Mexico, Chile and, of course, Argentina.

'Gracias Totales', two words that will always remind us of Cerati and this Spanish rock band, is now the name of the tour. In it, despite the absence of their singer, Zeta and Charly managed to make Soda revive like never before. Therefore, it will be attended by world-class artists. Juanes, Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba), León Larregui (Zoé), Adrian Dárgelos (Babasónicos) and Chris Martin (Coldplay), among others, will be the artists that will make this a tribute worthy of Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo.


Hola a Todos! #GraciasTotales #SodaStereo

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The tour has these dates:

  • 29/2: Bogotá, Colombia – El Campin Stadium
  • 7/3: Santiago de Chile, Chile – National Stadium
  • 12/3: CDMX, Mexico – Foro Sol
  • 3/21: City of Buenos Aires, Argentina – Polo Field

Taking advantage of the occasion, we wanted to revive a bit of this mythical band and present some of our favorite works, some as Soda Stereo as a whole but others are projects that they did separately.

1. You will see me back (2007)

We could not start with another but with his reintegration tour. Although it was a somewhat ephemeral return, in 2007 they surprised with the tour called you will see me back, referring to a phrase in the song 'en la ciudad de la furia'. This occurred 10 years after the band had decided to separate and visited different countries in Latin America.

The tour was accompanied by an album with the same name in which there were 18 reissues of his most acclaimed songs. They made 21 presentations in 11 countries, a recital in Argentina and a conference.

2. Revolution 21

Charly Alberti, the drummer of the band, had a life always very close to music. He formed a second band, composed and produced his own album and even created a company.


Una publicación compartida por Charly Alberti (@charlyalberti) el

Undoubtedly Alberti has moved in different areas, but what we want to highlight is Revolution 21 (R-21), a foundation committed to curbing the environmental impact. In it, he has campaigned to spread the global problem of climate change and in 2017 he was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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3. MTV Unplugged

In 1996, when it was already rumored about the separation of the band, they surprised with a recording at the MTV studios in Miami. The show was semi-acoustic and they sang new versions of their most popular songs.

Months later, the show became the Comfort album and music to fly, and they were one of the first artists, along with the Fabulous Cádillacs, Café Tacvba, and others, to make these sessions Unplugged. The Colombian group Aterciopelados was also on the show.

4. Shoot the Radio

Hector 'Zeta' Bosio was the bassist of Soda and after his separation, he was the bassist of the band La Ley. He has currently transformed his musical talent, always more directed towards rock than towards anything else, and is part of the Shoot the duo Radio, electronic music.

With Shoot the Radio he incorporates his musicality and taste for bass with electronic sounds highly influenced by groups such as Chemical Brothers, Justice and Daft Punk. The band started between 2015 and 2016 and has an album called Opera Galaxy.

5. + Good

Although Cerati will be forever one of the exponents of Latin American rock, it does not mean that he has not left his mark on other musical genres. For a brief moment in his solo career, after Soda Stereo had separated, he made the soundtrack of the Argentine film + Bien.

The album, which bears the same name as the movie, ended up being recognized for its sounds and ceased to be just another soundtrack. It mixes synthetic sounds to create electronic music melodies.

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