New advances in the impeachment against Trump

A new whistleblower, complaints about obstruction and the position of the White House are some of the components that have marked the process that is just beginning .

US President Donald J. Trump answers to questions from the news media.

US President Donald J. Trump answers to questions from the news media. / Photo: AP - Shawn Thew

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Since the news was known that a formal investigation would be opened to the US president, every day there have been new complications, clues or important factors to highlight that have placed President Trump in the center of public opinion.

Several days ago, the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced that the chamber would begin a formal investigation against the president of the United States. There are currently several crude investigations against Trump, but this is the first that begins formally, so a committee was created to carry it out.

The decision of Pelosi and the camera took place on September 24 after learning that Trump had allegedly threatened to “withhold military aid from his country to force Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter”, according to the BBC. This would imply a lack in the Constitution when using the flag of the United States for own political purposes, being that Biden is the main rival in the next presidential elections.

More than two weeks after the announcement, the political trial continues to bring new news. On the one hand, some Democratic congressmen brought to light messages that showed "how US officials worked to incite the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to open an investigation into Joe Biden," the BBC said.

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The same media also claimed that the texts found belong to the following officials: Kurt Volker, Trump's envoy for Ukraine, who resigned last week, Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, and a large contributor to the election campaign of Trump and Bill Taylor, a senior diplomat of the US embassy in Ukraine. The messages would be seeking to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden, which is seen as an attempt to seek political advantage.

In them, Taylor says “I think it's crazy to retain security assistance for help with a political campaign.” In response, Sondland says that “the President is only trying to assess whether Ukraine is willing to adopt the transparency and reforms that the president Zelensky promised during his campaign. ”This is what Trump said once the news was released days ago.

To the sum of these messages, which could be important evidence during the investigation, comes a new complainant. This informant, like the first person who denounced President Trump's intentions, works for intelligence services. He also said he had key information to show that Trump is seeking to politically affect his potential opponent in 2020, Joe Biden.

Although the committee that is conducting the formal investigation to bring the current US president to trial awaits to hear the informant's evidence, he has not yet made his complaint official.

While these new leads approach the committee, a complaint was also released that Democrats called "obstruction" by Trump and the White House. This, since the committee has requested some documents that have not yet been delivered, for which the president has until October 18.

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The committee sent a letter to the White House asking for the necessary documents to be issued in order to create a complete picture of Trump's call to the president of Ukraine. According to the BBC, "the breach of the order, warned the Democrats, would amount to" evidence of obstruction", which could be used against the president "at the time of the political trial."

Despite this request, sent last Friday, October 4, the White House responded negatively to the House's requests. The Trump government refused to cooperate with the information that has been requested, because it said it is an illegitimate process that violates the Constitution.


Nancy Pelosi, who leads the Democrats in their attempt to take Donald Trump to political trial, said the White House response is only trying to cover up Trump's betrayal of democracy. He also stated that the president should not be above the law, and again referred to this as "obstruction."



For his part, the president of Ukraine said, according to Fox News, that in the telephone conversation with Trump there was never blackmail or manipulation, as the Democrats claim. Given this, the president did not delay in leaving his reason via Twitter and said that Zelensky's statement is proof that all of the above is false news and both Democrats and the media are "fixed."

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