Mexico gets ready to decriminalize marijuana

Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the ruling party in the upper house, said a new law would decriminalize marijuana

Marijuana cultivation

Marijuana cultivation / Photo: Pexels - Reference Image

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In statements collected by Reuters, Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the ruling party in the Upper House, explained that next week a new law will be studied; it would decriminalize the use of marijuana. The official added in the same interview that "the prohibitionist elimination in the country is good."

The party in charge of presenting the law is Morena and if it is approved by the Senate, the project would be studied in the lower house. The project is expected to be approved, since in both institutions Morena (National Regeneration Movement) party has the majority.

This same law would regulate the personal, scientific, and commercial use of cannabis. Additionally, the creation of the Mexican Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis, as well as cooperatives for production, is contemplated within the bill.

Previously, it had been contemplated that the State was in charge of the administration of this new market to create a state monopoly. However, Monreal said that this does not necessarily imply the creation of a state-owned company. The coordinator said that “there are some (proposals) that establish a kind of state monopoly for planting, cultivation and sale. However, we want to leave it more open. ”

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Monreal also explained that there is resistance from certain sectors, especially the religious, that oppose to regulation. That is why President Andrés Manuel López Obrador raised the possibility for Mexicans to be the ones who decide whether or not marijuana is decriminalized. This would be done through a popular consultation.

Many say it is better to wait for the consultation and legislate from the results. At the moment, supporters and detractors should wait to see what decision the Senate makes or if the consultation is conducted.

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