Evo Morales attacks the opposition

The Bolivian president said that "to ignore the vote of the people, especially the ones of the countryside, country sellers and coup perpetrators have joined".

Evo Morales at a press conference.

Evo Morales at a press conference. / Photo: Bolivia Presidency

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The presidential elections in Bolivia have generated skepticism about the truthfulness of the vote count. After Sunday, October 20, the bulletins on the scrutinized tables were suspended, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia informed on Monday, October 21 that Evo Morales won the presidential elections with 46.03%. According to the results issued by the TSE, the opponent Carlos Mesa obtained 37.35% of the votes.

The difference of more than 10 points between both candidates gives Morales the victory, which has raised the alarm about possible corruption in the voting. This is because at the time of the suspension the advantage was only 7 points, which would have involved a second round. The opposition, led by Mesa, and the Democracy Defense Coordinator, made up of representatives of democratic political parties, civic committees and the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (CONADE), have denounced that the elections were a fraud .

Mesa, in fact, met with European Union ambassadors and election observers and explained their arguments about the questionable results.

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For the moment, Mesa has announced that peaceful demonstrations will be maintained to demand the execution of the second round. The opponent asks that it be carried out impartially and independently.



Given the opposition's complaints, Morales has accused the Coordinator of Defense of Democracy and the opponents of being allies of dictators and of joining with vendepatrias and coup plotters.



In addition, also through his Twitter account, Evo Morales has said this is "the fourth consecutive election we won democratically." However, not all the people agree with Morales, so they have taken the streets of Bolivia to express their discontent.



The denunciations and the interruption of the results have caused the OAS to audit the elections in order to verify whether or not there was a fraud.



At the moment there is no certainty about whether the second round will be held.

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