Colombia is attacking the peace agreement

Since the end of the armed conflict in Colombia, 158 members of the FARC have been killed, 88 in the current government of Iván Duque.

Glass broken by a bullet.

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On October 24 in the Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation in Mesetas, in the department of Meta, Alexander Parra Uribe, a former combatant of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, was killed. It is the first time that a former guerrilla is killed in an area where the people are supposed to be protected by state forces guaranteeing his safety.

Since the end of the armed conflict of more than 50 years between the Colombian state and the extinct guerrilla, there are 158 members of the FARC killed, 88 in the current government of Iván Duque.

Parra Uribe was a delegate of the FARC to the Departmental Council of Reincorporation in Meta and coordinator of the tourism project Ambiances for Peace supported by international cooperation, which he presented to the UN Secretary-General during his visit in January 2018.

He was also the husband of Luz Marina Giraldo, a candidate for the municipal council of Mesetas in the department of Meta. The woman, clearly affected by the murder of her husband, granted an interview to the Caracol Radio in which she stated that minutes before the murder, “she was sitting with him where he was playing chess with friends, but it then started getting very cold, then I went to bed, and he never came back, never went back to his bed ”.

Victoria Sandino, senator for the FARC party said she is "very worried about the hope of peace that most Colombians have," and added that "we have a lot of pain for what is happening, I have been releasing the alarm to the state and to the international community so that we understand that if we do not turn the page of the war, this number of murdered ex-guerrillas resembles the genocide of the 80s against the Patriotic Union. ”

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Six shots against the former combatant who bet on reconciliation and peace in Colombia blinded his life and this fact represents an escalation of violence against those ex-guerrillas who bet on peace. It is paradoxical and very unfortunate that a murder occurs in a place called Space of Reconciliation.

“I am the environmental representative for the space (Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation), I am working on the topic Environment for Peace, to make peace with nature, regarding these elections (those of last October 27), it seems something unprecedented, something beautiful for peace and tranquility, I think that peace has led us to awaken and that confidence, there is no longer the anxiety of the shots, of the bombs, the persecution, the fear, I think that there is a reunion of the Colombian family ”, were some of the last words that Alexander shared through a video broadcast on social networks.

This environmental leader belonged was part of the feared eastern block of the FARC, who for decades committed crimes in the department of Meta and was part of the personal guard of the former founder of this guerrilla Manuel Marulanda Vélez, aka Tirofijo.

The UN also said in a statement its "deep rejection of this fact and the increase in killings of ex-combatants of the FARC in the process of reinstatement, which reaches 158 since the signing of the Peace Agreement",

"The murder of Alexander Parra Uribe is the first case in space, protected by the public force, where ex-combatants advance their process of reintegration into civilian life," is collected from the United Nations communiqué.

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What immediately directs the eye on the public force who was at that time less than a kilometer from the place of murder and took about 30 minutes to arrive, according to the wife of the environmental and social leader.

The murder of Parra Uribe coincides with a scandalous report of the Week in Colombia Magazine entitled "Colonel, I already killed him", in which the events in North Santander are revealed with the murder of also former guerrilla Dimar Torres allegedly ordered by active members of the National Army and that contrary to what Colombian Defense Minister Guillermo Botero said, it was not an accidental death in a struggle in which the guerrilla supposedly tried to remove the rifle from an Army end but an extrajudicial execution.

The truth of the matter is that the murders of former guerrillas in the country where they shoot at peace are already counted by tens and that if state efforts are not redoubled to stop this rising curve of crimes, they will be counted by hundreds and they will be right Senator Sandino in comparing these facts with the systematic extermination by the state and the drug traffickers of the Patriotic Union militants in the 80s in Colombia.