These are winners of the ugly reign in the world

When someone is said to be uglier than hunger, he is a really ugly person; however, this time the ugliest people in the world were not rewarded.

Monkeys in Borneo.

Monkey proboscis in Borneo. / Photo: flickr.com/DavidDennis

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"You're uglier than hunger, but you're a child of God" is a quote from the film based on a story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald that tells the story of Benjamin Button, a child born with the body of an 80-year-old elder and that with the passage of time starts rejuvenating. The movie was nominated for 13 academy awards, rising with three of them in 2009.

When someone is said to be uglier than hunger, it is that he is a really ugly person; however, on this occasion, the ugliest people in the world were not rewarded. The ones who did were the species of the animal kingdom that under our beuaty standard, whic have "less grace."

This ugly story begins with the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, UAPS, which decided to crown the king of the ugly on the planet, but not only should it look ugly, it must meet other sad requirements: to be on the list of species threatened by extinction.

The ostentatious winner of the scepter and the crown is the Psychrolutes marcidus, better known by its common name, the Blurred Fish. Just imagine how ugly it is to be baptized like this.

This jellyfish from the depths of the ocean has no bones or real muscles, it is a jelly that perches on the seabed of the seas between Australia and Tasmania to wait patiently for its prey, mainly crustaceans, to pass by its side to be devoured.

Another of the winners, which did not reach the crown, was the Heterocephalus glaber, better known as 'naked mole rat', with prominent teeth protruding from his mouth, with small eyes about to disappear. This blind rodent has eating habits that have earned it the enmity of farmers in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Since it lives practically all its life underground, it feeds mainly on roots that, when consumed, damage crops, without counting that they have a special predilection for tubers such as potatoes or potatoes.

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They live near 30 years of age, considerably high amount among animals of their size, especially among rodents. Its most surprising feature is that this is one of only two species of mammals whose social organization resembles that of some colonies of insects such as bees or ants, which have a queen, uniquely able to reproduce, being even longer than other females that are sterile.

One more of the happy winners of the Ugly Society in the animal world is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic, ugly but charismatic mammals that share the planet with humans. No doubt you will remember the movie The Pianist of 2002, whose protagonist Adrien Brody won the Oscar award of that year for best actor, becoming the youngest actor until that date to obtain the precious award. Well, the Brody on the list is the Nasalis larvatus or Monkey Nose.

This primate that lives exclusively on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, feeds mainly on green leaves and shoots of mangroves, quite difficult to digest. So, not only its large nose is its characteristic of ugliness, under our stereotyped concepts of beauty, this happy participant, has an impressive belly that constitutes a quarter of all its weight.

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With a pink face and an eminently outstanding nose, the proboscis monkeys have this morphological characteristic as a result of the sexual selection that the females make, who prefer the most nosy to mate, although they also have that great fleshy appendix between eyebrow and eyebrow. Males win the game by size and disproportion. In some very frequent cases, in mature males, the nose slips over his mouth, hiding it completely and swelling and turning red when they get angry or excited.

All these animals are part of the list of the ugliest on the planet and although they may not be the emulation of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the animal kingdom, they certainly have so much right to coexist harmoniously in the ecosystems that the humans have invaded and overexploited competing for food, space and even the right to exist.

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