This is all you have to know about the new Mulan

A new trailer for Mulan's live-action version was released and we can't wait to see it.

Still from the trailer of the movie 'Mulán'.

Still from the trailer of the movie 'Mulán'. / Photo: youtube.com/waltdisneystudios

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Wat Disney Pictures published another preview of what will be the live-action version of Mulan. We all know the story of the Chinese warrior who pretends to be a man to take her father's place in the army. This is its second trailer, with which it hopes to raise expectations about this second feature film, this time not animated, of the warrior who showed everyone that she had the same capabilities as a Chinese soldier.

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What is Mulan about?

Apparently, history will not change much of what we already know. This new version of Mulan will be a live-action adaptation of the 1998 animated feature film, which in turn is an adaptation of 'Ballad of Mulan', a Chinese text that tells the story of Hua Mulan, a brave warrior. By mandate of the emperor, each family in China must send a male soldier to war against the Huns.

Since he has no sons but two daughters, Mulan's elderly father must enlist for the second time in a war. Mulan, then, decides to escape and impersonate a man to take his father's place on the war line against the evil Huns. She will be subjected to the toughest training but with this, she can also demonstrate her potential and her ability is equal to the other soldiers as well as her sensitivity and her ability for war strategy.

In the movie trailer, however, we don't see Mulan's faithful companions that we did see in the animated movie: the dragon, the cricket, and the horse. What will be seen is more female characters besides the protagonist. This is the sorceress Xian Lang, who in this case will be the main villain and antagonist of Mulan.

Mulan will be part of Walt Disney Pictures' new trend of producing live-action feature films that are adaptations of the animated classics of Disney studios. This year the adaptations of The Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin were already projected on the theaters.

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The actors

Mulan was directed by Niki Caro, also director of the acclaimed Whale Rider. The New Zealand director chose actress and singer Liu Yifei to play Fa Mulan. Yifei will be accompanied on-screen by Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li, and Jet Li. Mulan will be the second Disney film with a high budget directed by a woman.

When can I see it?

The expected release date is calculated for March next year.