"Nobody, not even the president, is above the law", Jerrold Nadler

The political trial of the president of the United States continues to move forward and Congress made public the charges that are imputed to him during this process .

Donald Trump during a press conference.

Donald Trump during a press conference. / Photo: AP

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The congressman of the Democratic party, Jerrold Nadler, was in charge of making the announcement on the morning of Tuesday, December 10, for being a representative of the judicial committee formed by members of the House of Representatives to investigate President Trump. In the announcement, Nadler made it official that the charges for which Donald Trump will be charged are abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

In the announcement, Nadler said that "nobody, not even the president, is above the law." These charges will be voted by the lower house, where the majority is Democrat and has a high chance of continuing the trial. However, subsequently the positions in the Senate, of republican majority, must be voted, so it is possible that it will not prosper.

For this reason, the democrat Nancy Pelosi, who has been leading the accusations against Trump for months, said on Tuesday afternoon that if the camera does not continue with the 'impeachment', there is a great risk of saying “goodbye to the republic ”and“ hello to the president-king ”. He also said that these accusations and the trial go beyond an upcoming election, but has to do with respect for the US Constitution.

The judicial committee announced that the voting will take place Wednesday and Thursday and, according to The Washington Post, there is sufficient evidence for the chamber to vote to continue the political trial. "Oview that more than enough proof exists for the House to impeach Mr. Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, based on his own actions and the testimony of the 17 present and former administration officials who courageously appeared before the House Intelligence Committee", said the newspaper.

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The charges Trump faces

Since September 2019, Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives, said that chamber would begin to formally investigate Donald Trump in a so-called "impeachment," or political trial.

At the time, it was known a Trump conversation with the president of Ukraine in which he intended to use his political power as president to benefit himself in the presidential elections of 2020. Donald Trump allegedly threatened the Ukrainian president with the retention of military aid that states United lends to the European country if he did not investigate Joe Biden, his possible election contender, and his son, Hunter Biden.

According to the BBC, the Democrats say that "the president offered two benefits: US $ 400 million of military aid that had already been approved by Congress (but that Trump had frozen) and an invitation to Zelensky to visit the White House." This type of pressure on weaker allies such as Ukraine, presents an abuse of power, in addition to that it was used for the president's personal purposes, and not for the administration or the country.

After the days have elapsed since the beginning of the investigations, internal intelligence sources and former members of the administration have put the face to affirm the accusations.

"Our president has the greatest public confidence. When he betrays that trust and puts himself ahead of the country, he puts the Constitution in danger, jeopardizes our democracy and our national security," Nadler said during the announcement.

For his part, the president has assured that it is a lie, that they do not have enough evidence, that everything is a persecution of the Democrats towards him and has repeatedly cataloged it as a "witch hunt".

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