Donald Trump, one step away from being dismissed?

Last week, the Democrats took an important step towards the political trial against Trump, in a process that would allow the president's dismissal

President of the United States, Donald Trump.

President of the United States, Donald Trump. / Photo: AP

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Last Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to continue the investigation process against Donald Trump. The Democrats, and those leading the process, argue that the president abuses his power "by pressing the Ukrainian government to conduct an investigation for his own personal political benefit," according to La Vanguardia.

While the House of Representatives is expected to vote on this before the end of the year, in order to remove one of the most important presidents in the world, a majority in the Senate would have to be held, which is characterized by being a Republican majority; so, if the voting takes place, it is unlikely that the members will fail in favor of the dismissal.

Immediately, and as usual in most cases, Donald Trump turned to his social networks to express his dissatisfaction with the continuation of the investigation. This is how he said that everything that was happening was nothing more than a witch hunt.


In addition, both the White House and the president highlighted the obsession of the Democrats with the illegitimate trial, stating that while it did not affect Donald Trump, it did affect "the Americans." Also, the Trump administration took advantage of the situation to deliver the “real results” that his administration has been carrying out, but not before sending a blow to the Democrats.




As we mentioned, the center of the investigation is based on whether or not Trump abused power as president, jeopardizing the national security of the United States by retaining about “$ 400 million in US military aid from Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden”, through a phone call and according to Aljazeera.

In addition, in recent days one of the witnesses of the call on July 25 of this year, the colonel and expert advisor in Ukraine, Alexander Vindman, testified against President Trump. In his statement, the military said he did not think "it would be appropriate to ask a foreign government to investigate a citizen of the United States, and was concerned about the implications of Ukraine's support for the government of this country," as explained by El País.

It should be noted that Biden is one of the favorite candidates to represent the Democratic Party, along with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, according to several polling firms, Biden leads the race to be the party's candidate, according to Time.

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Mike Pence, the other affected

There is no doubt that this movement is one of the resources of the Democratic Party to be able to continue with the anti-Trump narrative that they have been handling since the beginning. Key speech to regain control of the country, either in the next elections of 2020 or to pass the vote in the Senate, sooner than expected.

Under this scenario the possibility could be raised that Nancy Pelosi, and who grants the third most important position in the country, comes to power, depending “on the magnitude and nature of the 'bribe' or other 'crimes and misdemeanors' that may be established or not by the investigators of the Congress”, according to CNN. This would establish whether Mike Pence, vice president of the country, would rise or not to power.

It should be remembered that Pence has been saved from being involved in the multiple scandals that have been characteristic of the Trump government, but it seems that in this case it is not so.

The above taking into account, Trump's statements against the fact that the media "should also study the talks between the President of Ukraine and Mike Pence."

Pence, has been very evasive in the press conferences on this issue, and according to The Washington Post “when he pressed on what he knew and when he knew, Pence was extremely evasive, (...) repeatedly refused to say if he was aware of Trump's interest in getting Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden”.

In addition, and in his participation in the CBS News program, Face the Nation, and at the insistence of the presenter, Pence referred to the matter, stating that: