Fans didn't like it!: 3 players who played in rival teams

In the world of football, there are always archrival teams. Each match between them is as if a final was been played, regardless of where they are in the championship. However, these 3 players did not take it that way and left for the rival team.

Ronaldo Nazario, in his season as a player of FC Barcelona.

Ronaldo Nazario, in his season as a player of FC Barcelona. / Photo: fcbarcelona.es, realmadrid.com

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When it comes to historical rivalries in the world of football, teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid of Spain are always thought of; in Italy, there is Inter and AC Milan; for South America, Argentines' Boca Juniors and River Plate, who also make up one of the greatest rivalries. If there is something that does not tolerate a soccer fan,  it is to see one of the players playing for another team, but these players were not afraid to live the environment of both rivals and assumed the consequences.

1. Álvaro Morata



The 27-year-old Spanish forward currently plays for Atlético de Madrid, which would not seem like a problem if he had not had a past at Real Madrid. Both teams are considered maximum rivals in the Spanish capital, a rivalry that has also increased substantially since the arrival of the "Cholo" Simeone to the technical direction of the "Atleti", warming the fans of the two clubs.

Morata was trained in the Real Madrid quarry and became on the roster of the first team in the 2013-2014 season. However, he did not stay long and was transferred to Juventus, where thanks to his goals, he eliminated Real Madrid in the semifinals of the 2014-2015 Uefa Champions League. And although he returned to the Spanish team, they did not count on him, so he was again transferred to Chelsea and until early 2019, he joined Atlético de Madrid, according to Transfermarkt data. Recently, on his return to Santiago Bernabeú with the club, the Madrid fans devoted songs to the Spanish striker, calling him "rat" and chanting "in the Wanda rot."

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2. Oscar Ruggeri


Now we go to Argentina, when in 1984, due to an economic and political crisis suffered by Boca Juniors and in which the Argentine Football Association was included, the players went on strike in order to resign the president of the club. However, according to the newspaper Marca, River Plate would take advantage of its excellent economic situation to take two players from its maximum rival: Ricardo Gareca, forward, and Oscar Ruggeri, central defender. Even so, Ruggeri would be best known for the consequences suffered.

The player stayed in River three and a half years, with a fruitful step in which he managed to be part of 4 titles, including a Copa Libertadores. However, Ruggeri not only received constant insults and whistles from Boca's fans, but they put in risk the lives of his parents, when a group of unknown people set fire to his home's garage, causing the entire house to burn structure during the morning while the player was not at his home, but his parents where. A neighbor who was passing by noticed and called for emergencies, preventing any life from being affected. Because of this serious inconvenience, Ruggeri faced José Barrita, head of the Boca brave bars, who said he was not responsible. In spite of that, Marca reports that the defender assured Barrita would personally retaliate in the event of any other incident like that.

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3. Ronaldo Nazario


If a player can not miss it is the Brazilian striker, who incredibly went through four rival teams: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan. However, no incident against Ronaldo is remembered for these team changes, and that is that "9" had a short step through Barcelona, in which he played 49 games in which he scored 47 goals, a wonderful figure.

However, due to disagreements between Ronaldo's agent and the presidency of FC Barcelona, added to a large amount of money offered by Inter Milan, Ronaldo ended up not renewing and left for the Italian team in 1997, where he played 98 games and scored 59 times. However, in 2002 he ended playing for FC Barcelona's maximum rival: Real Madrid, after the Catalan team could not match the offer that the white club gave, according to Goal.

Real Madrid would be his longest step, playing 177 games and celebrating 104 goals and several titles, according to Transfermarkt. But then, Ronaldo was not enough to play in the top rivals in Spain, but did the same in Italy, joining AC Milan in 2007, there he had a short experience of just 20 games and 9 goals. Despite playing on these rival teams, Ronaldo was never offended by the fans.

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