The new Adele album is coming

This is what we know so far about her new album.


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This past weekend, British singer Adele officiated the marriage ceremony between her friend Laura Dokrill and Hugo White. During the celebration, the singer was excited and announced that her new album would come out in September. All this was recorded in videos that wedding attendees posted on their social media. Since then the singer has not given statements, but she has already excited her fans, who have not heard a complete studio album from the singer since 2015, when she released 25.


Although this is the first time that a specific date is spoken of, these are not the first rumors about the arrival of this album in 2020. First, she said it herself through social media, which began these rumors in her last year's birthday, when she turned 31 and posted a message on Instagram in which she referred to the separation of her husband saying that her 30's treated her a little hard. Then she joked about the hard rhythms that her album 30 would have, as the singer titles her albums according to her age.

Last month her representative also told Music Week that this year the album that will follow 25 will come and that the sooner it goes out, the better.

Adele's previous work 

The last studio album of the British singer was 25, which included songs such as "Hello", "When we were young", "Send my love (to your new lover)" and "Water under the bridge" , which had worldwide success. It was released in 2015 and acclaimed by the public and critics. Since then we have only heard one more single from her, "Skyfall", which was the theme song of the agent's namesake movie 007. This is why fans are impatient, but they know that the artist usually takes time to develop and work her music.

Before 25, Adele had published 21 in 2011. In 21 were the two songs that gave her international fame: "Rolling in the deep" and "Someone like you". Her style and tone have always been nostalgic and melancholic, they approach a feminine and leisurely pop but also a lively and equally sad blues. With the third and fourth singles of the album "Set fire to the rain" and "Turning tables", Adele became the singer who had no bad tracks, only hits.

Her debut album was 19, in 2008. While at that time it was not recognized internationally, 19 included a single that later, when she already famous worldwide, would also be a fan favorite: her cover of Bob Dylan's "Make you feel my love. "

For this long and elegant career through the songs of heartbreak is that fans and we also look forward to the new album of Adele to see the evolution and maturity of a complete artist.

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