The 5 best apps to edit photos on your smartphone

We have made a top 5 of the best applications to edit photographs for smartphones, with professional aspects and intuitive interfaces.

Person editing a photo on his cell phone.

Person editing a photo on his cell phone. / Photo: Unsplash

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When we want to upload photos to our favorite social networks, the first thing we look for is an application where we can do the touch-ups we believe are necessary. The problem is that there is a wide variety of them, each with different specifications, which will depend on the operating system we use and our objectives.

That is, as there are a variety of alternatives to have spectacular results, it is not always necessary to go to third parties to have good images. Such is the case that La Vanguardia media says that the rise of smartphones increasingly sinks the sales of cameras, as almost all users expect innovations in this regard when buying a new device.

In this case, we have made a top 5 of the best free photography applications for iOS and Android , which have really simple interfaces, but also incorporate a variety of professional tools, which will make our images look unique.

What are the best applications to edit photos?

5. Visage

In this case, we talk about an application especially useful for retouching photos, particularly selfies. With it we have the possibility of retouching the bags that are under the eyes, imperfections or acne marks, making our skin look wonderful and with a beauty salon aesthetic.

Similarly, a series of interesting backgrounds and effects are added to have a professional finish. Therefore, it is a good option when we have a capture that we loved and we want to make some small final touches.

4. Photo Collage

Collages are a fantastic option to upload to a social network. For example, instead of generating a post with several sliding images on Instagram, you can condense all the content into one. Thanks to this application, you will notice that the designs can be more individualized than ever, due to a wide range of customizable styles.


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As you will be gathering several images within one, you can add different effects, text and even decorative elements. Of course, some basic functions for editing photos will also be included, without the need to change applications to create perfect content, something especially useful if you work in the area of community management.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express has a mobile version that is one of the most complete in the entire market. Although it has really advanced functions, the interface was simplified to the point where you don't need graphic design knowledge to be able to operate on its basic tools.

You will only have to upload an image from your device, where you will then have different alternatives to edit, all with the professional touch that characterizes the brand. Among some of them, you can use clipping, eye correction or color corrector. All this, of course, adding to the selection of smart filters, which edit some parameters (such as brightness, contrast or saturation) to detect what is the best setting for your photo, solving several problems with a single action.

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VSCO is an especially useful option if you want to add different unique filters to images that you have already taken. That is, each of them benefits from a series of preset configurations, although you can edit them to your liking to generate an aesthetic like no other.


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Thanks to the slider you will allow the standard model to fit your personal image, adding a series of basic editing tools. If you like a certain filter, but consider that it has very high exposure, you can edit it to your liking, maintaining the essence of it. Also ... you can share it in your own community!

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is positioned as the quintessential photo editor for those users who want professional touch-ups with a truly friendly interface. This application contains a wide variety of features, such as the inclusion of very well crafted filters and the edition of classic design parameters.

In addition, they know how to perfectly combine the use of clipping tools, frames, among others. However, one of the most favorable points that this software has is the possibility of using different correctors to eliminate imperfections in an easy way, although its option to expand the details of the image is also very valuable, something useful when you liked an unfocused picture that you took.

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