Josefina Santos and her vision of the world that makes a difference

Behind each spectacular photo is a professional who develops a whole concept, which reflects from the personalities he captures, something particular and unique. This is the trajectory of Josefina Santos.

María Claudia Londoño D

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Her professional career began graduating in 2012 from Communications Design at Parsons New School for Design and began doing some outstanding work at the firm Ralph Applebaum Associates (RAA), a company specialized in planning, conceptualizing, designing, managing, and executing projects in museography exhibits, visitor centers, fair exhibits for educational purposes.

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This experience, in which the visual proposal became the center of development and assembly, led her to present her thesis AWAKE, in which she pointedly states that the image is the one who takes the leading role and brings the viewers closer to the works, generating a sensory link. This affirmation leads her to focus her path towards photography, a widely competitive world, in which she has known how to occupy a prominent place in a city full of artists who would like to have their works published and a portfolio like the one she has achieved.

On his website, you can see some of his work on the covers of major international magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Coyeteur, Teen Vogue, New York Times, Rolling Stone, In Style, and Elle, in which impeccable quality can be observed. a distinctive approach that has allowed him to stand out in this world, which currently lives around the image, and which tries to project the best.

In her words, she believes that having a point of view when taking a photograph is what reflects a special message. Thus, stars such as Serena Williams, Bad Bunny, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Gloria Estefan, Sydney Sweeney, and musicians such as Bad Bunny, and Olivia Rodrigo among others have passed through her lens.

She has been awarded AI-AP Latin, American Photography, Life Framer Editor's Pick, Life Framer: A World of Cultures., Selected Press & Features— The Cut i.D Magazine, VICE, Broadly, AnyoneGirl, FOTOMERAKI, Sight Unseen, NOISEY.

To learn more about this incredible photographer and her work, you can access this link: https://josefinasantos.com/

Born in Colombia, and the daughter of well-known journalists and with relatives occupying high economic and political positions in her native country, she is currently based in New York, a city where she came from adolescence, to strengthen the passion she had since she was a child, when she took all classes of photos to her dolls that she accommodated in scenarios imagined by her.

She began his journey by following the post in social media greats of this artistic expression, commenting on some publications on networks and spaces, and thus became known until a call opened up the world to which he so strongly wanted to belong.

She states that in addition to making the graphic record, as other photographers do, she tries to get much closer to the world of the people who will take part in articles and covers, exchanging impressions, knowing a little more about them, their interests, tastes, and way of life. This indisputably gives different, unique, and very personal elements that leave a stamp on her photos in the long run.

Sometimes, the work of photographing takes hours and many shots to define just one, as on other occasions when a meeting occurs at an event and Josefina has barely five minutes to achieve that expected image.

Her most recent work was making the cover of Time Magazine, featuring Aysha Siddiga, a Pakistani environmental activist, co-founder of Fossil Free University, and Polluters Out, who was named Woman of the Year.

Women in art and photography have been gaining more space, and Josefina Santos demonstrates this. Undoubtedly that close human touch that she seeks is reflected in her work, which is why her images are so special and why she is sought after, and the reason why entertainment stars choose to be photographed by her and the most famous media prefer to publish her work among many other alternatives in the world of images.

At The Woman Post, we want to highlight her trajectory and impact in the current world of communication, design, and digital media. Learn more about her work at @josefinasantos in IG.


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