Emergency in China: quarantine hotel collapses

On the night of this Saturday, March 7, a hotel that was being used to quarantine at least 70 possible cases of Coronavirus collapsed.

View of the city of Quanzhou in China.

The hotel housed coronavirus patients. / Photo: Pixabay

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On the night of this Saturday, March 7, a hotel building in the city of Quanzhou in southeastern China collapsed. This hotel was being used to quarantine 70 possible Coronavirus patients.

The province in which this city is located already reports 45 cases of Coronavirus, so preventive measures were being taken such as the hotels that gave up their space to host quarantine. In this case, it is a hotel with about 80 rooms in which at least 70 people were suspected of carrying COVID-19.



19:30 - Xinjia hotel collapses

Around 19:30 local time, the Xinjia hotel collapses. This hotel, which was inaugurated just two years ago, had been adapted for the reception of 70 people who had been in contact with Coronavirus patients as a preventive measure.

Although this news is surprising and unfortunate, according to the newspaper La Prensa, building collapses in China are frequent due to poor vigilance in the safety of the works and accelerated population growth. In 2016 and in 2019, 20 and 10 people died respectively in two building that collapsed.



First hours after the collapse

The authorities of Fujian Province, where Quanzhou City is located, sent 150 workers as rescuers to check among the rubble as a first step. For some time, 70 people were buried in the rubble.

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In the videos posted on Twitter by the People's Daily, China account, rescuers can be seen trying to get people out of what has left the collapse.



10 hours later

Ten hours after the collapse, rescuers and Fujian authorities have managed to rescue up to 40 people from the rubble left by the collapse. An exemplary amount in a short time. Survivors have been sent to other quarantine spaces assigned to accommodate those who have been in contact with patients infected with the virus after receiving the required care.

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