Coronavirus: the fine line between humor and insensitivity

While it is true that many people around the world are scared of the coronavirus, others have taken things with great optimism even since the mandatory confinement in their homes.

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Faced with the most talked about topic in the world today, many people do not know what to say or how to act. The coronavirus has caused emotions in many people, and some have transformed this crisis into reflection, but others have been left very poorly by their comments, crossing a very thin line towards the border of unconsciousness.

Quarantine is the general measure that countries that have been affected by covid-19 have taken to prevent further spread of the virus. And many people have found in this an opportunity to go viral through memes and / or share humorous moments of isolation in their homes.

Messages, images and shared moments that demonstrate everyone's empathy in the midst of a pandemic that is wreaking havoc around the world are different on all social networks.

There are those who take this situation more to heart, but, some think that without going to the extremes of making fun of the deaths from the virus or the pain of so many people, it is still not possible to stop finding something of color in the dark. .

Paul Reboux, a French literary critic, had a definition of humor in relation to that: “Humor is about treating serious things lightly; and seriously, light things. "

The other extreme

Although always looking for the positive side of things is necessary, there are some youtubers, influencers and famous people who have taken advantage of the situation and have raised the tone of their humor or their comments a little without thinking about the displeasure they may cause to the public.

Such is the case of Vanessa Hudgens, who recently uploaded a video to her Instagram stories in which she is offended by the restrictions, arguing that the deaths that the pandemic may leave are "inevitable".

"Yeah, I already told you, it all sounds like a lot of crap, sorry. Ok, it is a virus, I understand it and I respect it, but at the same time, well ... even if everyone gets it ... Yes, people are going to die, it is terrible, but is it avoidable? I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be doing this now ”, was the message in which the also singer became the target of criticism on different digital platforms.

Some time later, Hudgens offered a public apology, arguing that his words sounded insensitive and that it had been misinterpreted, although it had already been too late.

On the other hand, the Argentine choreographer, Aníbal Pachano was involved in a controversy for what he said on the subject of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The controversy was caused by the negative responses in the networks and media, after the responses given by Pachano in the program Bailando, broadcast on Chilean television, where he expressed that for him, he was experiencing an absolute drama and that he would not live between four walls "because the President came up with it."

Although the show's jury also apologized, the milk had already been spilled and his attitude was quickly criticized by users of social networks.

Society is very sensitive about the issue of the pandemic and for that reason, there are positive, negative and extreme reactions from one side and the other. Hence, the importance of looking for different activities that are not always looking for the same information. Much more if this affects the mental tranquility.

The psychologist and coordinator of the Intelligent Optimism Humor Group of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, José Elías, advises that, for those people who find it difficult to disconnect from the news, it is necessary "to dose the information received and find time to relax and rest everything was bombed. "

The expert believes that you should not spend more than a couple of hours receiving this information, when the mood will vary depending on what is seen, read or heard.

Others consider that it is necessary to always maintain positivism in every situation. However, maintaining emotional equity in reality management must be proportional.

There are many disputes that arise on Facebook and Instagram platforms between users who do not want to stay at home because they refuse to live like this. And others, for their part, abide by the measures and affirm that they will take responsibility for something as serious as their own health and that of those around them, that is why they have found ways to fulfill their duty, taking care of themselves.

Isabel Álvarez, a Leonese psychologist from Masvital Psicología, points out that "all the events unleashed by the coronavirus affect moods that are sure to have changed as we get closer."

While all this is happening and the world figures are still worrying, here are some positive ways to see the quarantines, which some Internet users have made viral on Twitter:


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