Royalty and Coronavirus

Last week it was confirmed that Prince Charles is infected with Coronavirus. Here's all about the virus and royalty.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth, on the phone.

The royal family faces new cases of contagion within the British monarchy. / Photo: instagram.com/theroyalfamily

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Last week it was confirmed that Prince Charles of Wales tested positive for Coronavirus. Interestingly, this announcement came a few days after Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who has now also been confirmed positive for Coronavirus, said the controversial claims in which he stated that he would not enact the mandatory quarantine so that the population will acquire the necessary defenses to fight the virus in the long term. Curious statement for a country that defends and protects an obsolete monarchy system. Here is all about royalty and the coronavirus.


The case of Prince Charles


Una publicación compartida de The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) el

According to the official statement from the royal family, Prince Charles of Wales, son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the throne, has mild symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19. Charles is part of the population at risk, since he is 71 years old. The statement says that it is not known how or where the prince was able to acquire the virus, so there is no trace of people who could have contacted him since he has been infected. The truth is that the royal family did not suspend the royal tour activities and tasks until much later.

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Recently, in mid-March, the prince attended a dinner and reception in London to discuss the fires in Australia and gave a speech. He is now quarantined at his Scottish palace. In this way, the first member of the British royalty infected with coronavirus was moving in recent days. The tour he had scheduled for Bosnia and Herzegovina was, however, canceled.

Many other royal events have been canceled, as Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Phillip, who have suffered from many health problems in recent years , are protected at all costs . The environment in the UK is uncertain, where not only the Prince but also Prime Minister Boris Johnson are infected with the pandemic virus.


Other infected royals

Archduke of Austria Karl von Habsburg also tested positive for COVID-19. He said for an Austrian radio station that he was in good health but that the symptoms of the virus were really bothersome.

On the other hand, Prince Albert of Monaco also tested positive for Coronavirus. According to Variety, on March 10 he and Prince Charles attended a charity event where they sat at opposite ends of the table at which they dined. Thus, it can be understood that all those present at that charity event were at risk of contagion. Tours of royalty members should be canceled as they are not primary events and jeopardize not only royalty members but also those who work in their palaces and must have direct contact with them most of the time.


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