Netflix and YouTube offer free content in quarantine

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Don't have a Netflix subscription? It doesn't matter: They released a lot of content legally and for free on YouTube. Learn more details.

Woman watching Netflix on a phone

The streaming platform is the most popular in this type of service during the quarantine. / Photo: Rawpixel

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic came to change everything. One of the main modifications took place inside homes, where many people changed the way they consume content. In other words, despite home-office or remote study tasks, there is more time to watch streaming platforms.

This led to, according to what the specialized media Vandal mentions, Netflix becoming the main video streaming application during this time of quarantine. The fact that it has content that is renewed day by day made it extremely popular, although with a problem: not everyone can access it due to not having a Netflix subscription.

Being aware of this situation, the company itself decided to make an educational alliance with YouTube. The intention? That teachers and students can access educational content free of charge within the video platform, as mentioned on the Infobae website. Therefore, here we tell you what are the most important materials that are already available.


Our planet

Here we talk about a documentary series of 8 chapters, where we can find all the beauty of the planet. In addition, it has a strong sense of awareness, in the sense that it explains how the change in the environment affects the different ecosystems present on Planet Earth.

Chasing Coral

Here is a 90-minute film that will help us understand the secrets of beautiful corals. According to what The New York Times mentions, it is an ideal documentary to understand ecological disasters, since the “dead” coral is different from what we imagine, and can bring complications on the planet.

Amendment XIII

It is a film that analyzes the criminalization of African-Americans within the United States. This is a documentary that must be seen in these times of obligatory confinement, in the sense that it also shows how they live in prisons and what rights are not respected.

Knock down the house

In this case, we are talking about a film with feminist overtones, where the story of four young women who decided to change the  2018 race for the United States Congress is told. According to Espinof's specialized website, the working class "defeated the economic power", something that is represented in this material.

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White Helmets

We are talking about a short film that explains the Syrian Civil Defense from a survival perspective, carried out by a group of rescuers who decided to endanger their own lives so that the victims of the rubble have a chance of salvation.


One of the most successful miniseries on the platform, where, over seven episodes, different topics are discussed with an academic perspective. According to the website of La Diaria Uruguay, the "great enigmas of recent times" are addressed, so it will serve to draw various conclusions.


Lastly, if you are looking for short but really inspiring content, you can access this life story about a fighter who was born without legs. According to the BluRadios website, in just 11 minutes you can see a prospect of struggle, where confidence and purpose are found thanks to the strength of motivation.

Therefore, all this content will be available without the need for you to access Netflix in a wide variety of languages. Thus, it can be an excellent aid to study or simply discover new things.