5 Latino leagues that switched to virtual soccer

The main football leagues are resorting to this measure because of the coronavirus crisis.

Frame of the virtual match between América and Necaxa de México.

The coronavirus crisis has caused soccer championships to reinvent themselves. / Photo: youtube.com/Liga BBVA mx

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The coronavirus has completely stopped the world of sports. However, soccer organizations have managed to keep the spirit of competition alive through video games.

This trend has already been adopted in great teams in Europe and now it seems that it is Latin America's turn to move from the guayos to the control. Let's see which Latin leagues will play virtual tournaments.

1. eLigaMX

The e-league in Mexico began on Friday April 8. All 18 Mexican first division clubs are participating, with three representatives in each club. The tournament will consist of 17 Days of which 8 have already been successfully held at the close of this edition.

The video game chosen for the confrontations is FIFA 20 on the Playstation 4 console. For now, León is leading the league with Toluca in second place and Club Atletico de San Luis in third position.



2. eLiga Dimayor

Dimayor will have its first virtual tournament with the 20 clubs in first division. The calendar will consist of five dates, of which three have already been held at press time. Unlike eligaMX, Dimayor will choose a single player to represent each team.

This league is still in the group stage. The first date was dominated by Equidad with 6 points and the second by Millonarios, also with 6 points.



3. eSuperliga

The 24 First Division teams of Argentine professional soccer will face each other in this league, which is already on its 12th date at the close of this edition. The league runs until May 11 and it should be noted that it has a different modality than the previous ones, since it has the participation of 5 players on each side.



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4. Virtual Chilean League

This Chilean league ended on May 3, with Gonzalo Mall, from the Curico Unido being declared the champion in the final after beating Matías Frachia of O'Higgins. Mall with a good attitude won both games in the final with a score of 2-1 in the first and 5-1 in the second.



5. Uruguayan Virtual Soccer Federation

In this case, we are not talking about a conformed league that has passed into the realm of e-sports, but rather an organization of more than 46 game clubs that already had their virtual league formed before the coronavirus, according to the portal Habla el ball.

Some first division league teams in this country also have their representatives in this league. The funny thing is that the FUFV handles matches of 11 players against 11 players. Additionally, like any real soccer team, it participates in the transfer market, in this case requesting the Playstation Network ID and the player's skill score, according to the same medium.



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