Spiritual disciplines in times of quarantine

Here are some habits that will strengthen your spiritual life and your health in times of quarantine

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In these times of quarantine due to COVID-19 it is necessary to lead a calm and balanced mental, spiritual and emotional life; but do you really know what quarantine is? … because here we will explain it to you.

Quarantine is a practice that has been spread especially in the health environment. It represents the 40 days that a person needs to recover from an illness, and then return to be in contact with the rest of humanity. It also happens when women have given birth; the doctor recommends that the mother takes 40 days to recover and then move on to her normal life. 

Ramiro Calle in his work, "The Great Book of Yoga" explains that, in the field of holistic or spiritual development, people perform the same series of exercises for 40 days, all this in order to break old established habits, to help grow and expand the consciousness of those who practice them.

If you want to know about some spiritual disciplines that you should practice in times of quarantine, stay with us to tell you how you can strengthen your health, spiritual life and also achieve a wonderful expansion at the level of your consciousness.

1.- Yoga, deep breathing and relaxation

According to the work of Ramiro Calle, "The Great Book of Yoga": 

With the practice of yoga as one of the spiritual disciplines you will be able to balance the body, mind, and spirit in a surprising way; it is enough that in each session you start with a deep breath and a correct relaxation of your whole body.

To begin this meditation, you must put the problems aside to be able to flow and be truly aligned with the universal cosmic energy. With this approach you will be able to balance your chakras and heal your physical ailments.

This meditation will help you strengthen your body in areas such as blood circulation, the respiratory system, the heart, among others. It will also align all your chakras or energy centers so that you can feel a wonderful balance both physically and spiritually.

If you find it difficult to do these exercises alone, then we recommend this meditation that will surely help you.

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2.-Reiki Meditation

The discipline of Reiki, affirms the health and wellness magazine "Web consultations", becomes very necessary when internally our energy does not flow correctly since when the vital energy is blocked, this will imminently bring a large number of diseases.

This magazine affirms that through this discipline we will be able to re-supply our vital energy, since Reiki is a holistic technique that harmonizes both the physical body and the mental, emotional and spiritual body, making us feel stronger, energetic, happy and above all, healthy.

Also, this magazine indicates in its article about the benefits of reiki, some reasons why it is necessary for your well-being, that you use this discipline as a meditation technique; the magazine also states that with this technique you can free yourself from stagnant and repressed emotions and that:

  • You will feel more vital on a physical and spiritual level
  • It helps you rejuvenate
  • If you are sick, it will help you in an ascending and positive way so that the medical treatment takes effect faster.
  • Helps eliminate anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces constipation, menstruation pain, and migraines
  • Releases toxins from our body

Reiki meditation will not only help you to live through a more balanced quarantine, but it will also facilitate the awakening and expansion of your consciousness, and thus your physical and spiritual life will experience an unprecedented holistic or holistic change.

Here is a Reiki meditation for you to practice at home:

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