3 great movie sagas to enjoy during quarantine

Here we present three sagas of cult films of the apocalyptic fiction genre to enjoy in quarantine

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Sometimes a movie is not enough, either because of how interesting and extensive its story is as well as a quality cast. In confinement, even more, because there is more time to kill and take advantage of. This is why we bring these recommendations. In this case, the list is focused on plots without as much popularity as Harry Potter, Fast and Furious or even the Lord of the Rings can be. In addition, it is governed by a post-apocalyptic genre of action, fiction and even horror. These are the 3 recommended sagas to take advantage of your free time.

Resident Evil

The 20 Minutos newspaper includes it among the best sagas to watch, and although you have surely heard of these films, you may not have seen them all. For lovers of the zombie genre this saga will be phenomenal, since it goes beyond a single movie. Resident Evil begins with an alleged error within a biological weapons laboratory called the Umbrella Corporation, which scatters an experiment called The T Virus that starts a zombie apocalypse with actress Milla Jovovich as the protagonist of this and all other films.

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There are a total of 6 installments of Resident Evil, the first came out in 2002 and the last one came out in 2017. Each one takes place in different settings, starting in the Umbrella Corporation laboratory, where the virus spread, passing to Raccoon City, then through the Nevada desert and that's how the rest of the movies flow. But beyond staying with traditional zombies, Resident Evil plays with evolution through experiments with people and zombies, there being a "Nemesis" and other "strong zombies" in each of the installments, as well as experiments with the cloning of people. Despite being inspired by a video game, Resident Evil movies have important differences with them, according to IGN Spain.


Planet of the Apes

This saga is also related to an apocalyptic world, but this time in a totally different way. It begins with "The Origin of the Planet of the Apes", which explains the beginning of the plot, in a general way and without spoilers, it all starts from cruel experiments on apes with the aim of discovering a cure for Alzheimer's and boosting the brain. This brought with it a great intelligence in apes, mainly in Caesar, an ape that will be the protagonist of the saga, who has a good relationship with his master.

However, after the bad treatment received by a large number of apes, they manage to rebel and flee the lab together. In the following installments, the plot will be based on a human-ape conflict, after they caused a virus that is killing the population of people . However, Cesar will always try to maintain a relationship of respect and non-violence, trying to stop the inevitable war. This story was divided into a trilogy, which despite being a remake of the 5 films of the Planet of the Apes released between 1968 and 1973, has a totally different and renewed script, with few allusions to the successful saga of the 20th century, according to Xataka.


 Now for a vampire story with Blade, which is surely the least popular saga on this list, as well as the oldest. Blade is a trilogy inspired by a Marvel comic, starring Wesley Snipes and with Guillermo del Toro in part of the direction, the story begins in 1998 with Blade, a movie with quite modern special effects for the time. In 2002 it would return with Blade II and it would close in 2004 with Blade Trinity.

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According to Comicritico, this plot consists of the character of Blade, played by Wesley Snipes, a half-human vampire, with the advantages of a vampire but who in his case can see the light of day. Despite having vampire roots, he becomes a vampire hunter, a story that is explained in the first installment. In the following films Blade will have to join the vampires to fight an evolved race, up to the third, in which humans and vampires want to destroy Blade and his team -among them Ryan Reynolds-, being the end of a precursor saga of new movies with Marvel characters.



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