Why Nolan's Batman trilogy is still so iconic

Although the universe is being expanded, many agree that Nolan's Batman trilogy is the best

Still from the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

The Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan is one of the public's favorite sagas. / Photo: youtube.com/Warner Bros. Pictures

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Superheroes are one of the icons of the film industry. This can be represented on two main axes: Marvel and DC Comics. If we focus on the second, we can talk about the enormous success of Joker, the film starring Joaquin Phoenix, who even won the Oscar for best performance.

To expand the universe, it was confirmed that there would be a new movie, directed by Matt Reeves, where the mythical bat will be played by Robert Pattinson. In this film, according to the media La Tercera, Andy Serkis will have the role of butler Alfred Pennyworth, so the actor mentioned that the relationship between the two characters "will be the center of the story."

Knowing this, we decided to review one of the most revered sagas by comic fans. We are talking about the 3 dramatic Batman movies directed by Cristopher Nolan, where the protagonist was Christian Bale, who knew how to deliver some of the most memorable scenes of the bat on the big screen. Let's review the causes of its success.

Why was Nolan's Batman so popular?

First of all, we must talk about the beginning of the saga, which emerged with Batman Begins, from the year 2005. There would be the beginning of our protagonist, where the life of Bruce Wayne would be explored before becoming the hero of Gotham that we all know.

According to the specialized medium Hobbyconsolas, the director "brings a radical change to the Batman universe", since, unlike what happened previously, the character acquired impressive realism and depth in his motivations. Despite this, many fans believe that this plot is somewhat slow.

However, everything would change with its second installment, from the year 2009, known as The Dark Knight. This film is emblematic for several reasons. First of all, our protagonist is already fully established as a superhero. Therefore, the only thing left is to show his growth.

However, a really important point in the story is the villain. It is no more and no less than the Joker played by Heath Ledger, who later, in real life, would end up committing suicide. Well, his interpretation is sublime since he manages to capture the character's madness and immorality, the fact that he is not interested in anything other than seeing the city burn.

According to Espinof's analysis, it is a “very great movie”, making the spectacular scenes combine in a balanced way with an attractive story. For some reason it is considered by fans and critics as the best film in the series, since it closes perfectly from all angles.

Finally, in 2012 The Dark Knight Rises would arrive, a work that would efficiently close the narrative line. The IMDb website scores it with 8.4 stars out of 10, which shows that it is a good film, which manages to condense the essence of the previous films, although with some flaws.

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One of the most criticized points is the plot holes. Without resorting to spoilers, the movie tries to demonstrate that some events of the past have their explanation in the present. Therefore, we see that a villain, such as Bane, fails to live up to what we saw with the Joker, since there does not seem to be enough motivation for him to become the main enemy.

In addition, the final plot point seems too abrupt and poorly explained. However, it manages to work. Precisely, its open and bittersweet ending managed to captivate many people, who still continue to theorize about what some of the scenes we have at the end of this installment meant.

The ability to make iconic phrases, iconic shots and an open ending make the Nolan saga still valid. Knowing that we are about to see a new Batman story, which will surely show from another perspective the bat hero that we all know, can be a good excuse to review this legendary saga.