The 5 most impressive armored vehicles today

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Do you know the most impressive armored vehicles in the world?

Audi 8 vehicle

We present you the safest and most impressive armored vehicles. / Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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The world is changing in the wake of the coronavirus. The feeling of protection is something that everyone is looking for, which is why many are taking care of themselves, staying at home and avoiding direct contact with people. However, this desire to feel safe can also lead to other things.

According to the MSN website, one of the fastest-growing industries at this time is that of armored vehicles. It is one that is dedicated to creating cars, trucks, or limousines that protect people from any danger. Therefore, we invite you to meet the most impressive ones.

1. Conquest Knight XV

Do you feel that you are at the end of the world as a result of the pandemic? Well, you may be interested in knowing this vehicle. According to what the specialized page of Motor Passion says, it is an “apocalyptic beast” with impressive dimensions, as well as sophisticated security measures.

Among them, it is about 6 meters long, 2.5 meters high and 2.43 meters wide, in addition to having an exaggerated weight: almost 6 tons. Obviously, all these characteristics are justified in the sense that protection is guaranteed against different shots from the outside, including that of an RPG projectile, that is, a rocket launcher.

2. Audi A8 Security

The Audi brand is always synonymous with quality and comfort. However, that does not mean that vehicles with extreme safety are not manufactured, something that happens in this model, which the TopGear medium classified as a "four-wheel bunker".

In addition to a refined interior, with a really wide space (5.27 meters in length), it also has protection against fires or chemical substances, also guaranteeing your safety against the attack of different explosives.

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3. INKAS Armored Mercedes G63 AMG

Are you interested in off-road models? In this case, the armor is of superlative quality, since it has a surveillance system that detects all possible vehicle flanks, in addition to guaranteeing a casing that is bulletproof.

Everyone who is in this vehicle will have a high level of comfort since it integrates a satellite TV system, ventilation, massages, and even its own refrigerator so you can eat what you want.

4. Ground Force One

In this case, we are talking about the bus with which the President of the United States moves. It is an imposing black vehicle, which was specially built to guarantee the safety of the country's highest authority.

With a length of 7 meters, this model has a television, telephone, radio, and Internet, in addition to extreme security measures. Among them, we can highlight the presence of oxygen tanks for possible chemical attacks, a blood storage, or a fire extinguishing system.

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5. The Beast. Donald Trump's vehicle

Again, we are talking about a presidential vehicle in a limousine format. Donald Trump's special model is described by the website of La Sexta as a model "capable of enduring all kinds of projectiles", in addition to having an excellent style.

This is because each of the doors is 20 centimeters thick, in addition to the body being armored with an alloy of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic.  It also has a direct line to the Pentagon.